Salt Block, How long does it last?

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by bird dog, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. bird dog

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    While scouting today in an area that I thought I had to my self, I found a salt block near water. No hunter foot prints, (except deer) around it so I think it was from last year, mostly Dissolved, if they last that long (year)?? He will probably show up on the first day of gun season? Also it is in a WMA.
  2. johnf

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    I put one out in the middle of May. It's pretty much the same size and shape but is warn down a lot. I think with the drought we've had this year they havn't desolved as much as normal. I put one out about the same time last year and it was just a bald spot on the ground by this time.

  3. browning5

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    Depends on how many deer use it and the amount of rain you've gotten.
  4. Dapro

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    Just under a year in my neck of the woods.
  5. possum

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    Salt Blocks will last years, well not actually the block, but the area. There's several places on the farm where there has not been a block put out for a long time and the deer still use it. They're getting the salt that soaked into the ground.
  6. As others have said they'll last a year easily depending on use and amount of precip.. If its on a WMA I'd stay away from it..
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  8. Tony Harris

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    If you have pigs it can last as little as one week. My dad and I made holders for them that attached to a tree. We each stuck one 50# block out a few years back came back a week later to do some more work and it was eaten. One small chunk about the size of an egg was left at dads and mine had some residue around the peg. I tried the liquid type and they dug a 2' deep hole in two weeks. Now I just pour the liquid type on old stumps and let them have at it.

    I know where three licks are in Winona and they are unreal.
  9. bird dog

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    This is in Winona but I have never seen any pigs/sign anywhere.
  10. Tony Harris

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    The pigs got ours down south. I did talk to a guy who hunts out near Jessieville and he has seen ranging feral pigs on that side on private land. You know what that means pretty soon.
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    Ive got 2 salt licks that have been there for about 5 years. If you can imagine the bed of a pick up truck in the ground, thats how big and deep they are. Water stand in them a little and I have found that the deer love to drink the salty water. They will come straight to them and you can here them slurping the water. Then they will start to licking around the sides of it. On each lick, I just pour out a couple big bags of salt in the spring and maybe throw a block in every now and then. They are still hitting them hard right now but will start to slack off when it get colder. A block where I am at will last about 4 weeks before it gets ate up and soaks into the ground. Dont worry about the block itself, Its how much stays in the ground that counts. I always liked the damp soggy areas to put them out. :wink:
  12. bird dog

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    Well this block that I found was in a WMA and I think would be viewed the same as Corn?
  13. You are correct sir..:up:
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    I've got a spot where I've been putting a salt block, mineral block or wildlife block for the last ten years. Usually they last there about a year. On the first week end in September, I put a wildlife block from Walmart there. The first week end in October it was gone! :eek: Trying to figure that one out. There's been no rain. We suspicion a bear on the place. We recently discovered hogs on the place. :shrug: