Sales Tax ?

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  1. I know when one buys a used car or truck they have to pay sales tax on it.

    What about a used ATV, boat or camper???
  2. Manybeards

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    I think it's anything over $2000. I would double check that though.

  3. reflex1

    reflex1 Well-Known Member

    I believe that figure went to $2500 a few years back!
  4. Allstar

    Allstar Well-Known Member

    It must be $2000 because I traded for $2400 day before yesterday and paid like $200 in taxes,:censored:
  5. ryanh_johnson

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    I was thinking the same thing........:dontknow:
  6. So the sales taxes applies to used ATVs, Campers and Boats? :confused:
  7. longbow hunter

    longbow hunter Well-Known Member

    Yes, if the cost is over $2000. Of course you can put any price you want on the Bill of Sale. :wink:
  8. LedZhead20

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    That was what I was thinking Long Bow
  9. xtremebowhunter

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    camper I could see because of having to put tags on it, but a used atv?

    you can't license it so why bother? unless it is a bank loan and they have something to say about it. on a new atv wouldn't you be paying sales tax to the dealer?
  10. thethrill

    thethrill Well-Known Member

    It's anything over $2,500