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    ok,guys we got some brood gyps that we gotta move for younger stock and some pups.
    1-born 08/03/06 with 2 wins towards grand, 527.50 won. will run and tree by herself ,good mouth,blanket back,red headed. out of sch.bigtimer/rat and wipeout on bottom 1000.00$
    2-born 06/03/05 ukc,gr.nt/ with 578.75 won. small blanket back dog will run and tree by herself. direct daughter to rat.bouble sackett bred. 1000.00
    3-1/21/05 never in a ukc with 2682.50 won open spotted mostly black and white. direct daughter to rat and clover on bottom.will run and tree by herself.600$
    4-kates little kallie,6 yr old,never in a hunt,great pup trainer.will run and tree by herself. papered pkc and ukc but worst set ive ever saw. shes my favorite and dont care to sell her but i am pricing at 500$
    5-born 4/09/02 double boone bred,cant tell u much more about
    6-born 06/21/06 triple boone bred,cant tell u much about her either,never had her
    7-pups 2 ss/performance pups out of bull creek stylish mack and gr.nt rats stylish tiny. 200$
    6-pups 3 males and 3 females direct out of all grand dohoneys dizzy and the pup trainer above.the female has had 2 other litters and all are treeing.these pups are ss/performanced. 200$ 5012885263
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