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S&W Revolver Age??

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Does anyone have a reference guide that tells year of MFG by serial number?

I have a Model 34 (I Believe). I've read that not having a model # indicated is an older version of the gun. The SN is 19xxx no prefix, the barrel and cylinder are marked 47xx. I've found no other markings other than the caliber, 22 LR. All I can find on S&W's web page is the history report for $50.
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Based on the published information, your gun probably shipped in 1956 or '57, just before model numbers were assigned, so it looks like you have a ".22 Kit Gun. Model of 1953" or pre-model 34.
Thanks. I bought this gun a 3-4 years ago, one of those right time, right place deals. A guy a work (who is a dealer at home) bumped into me at the ATM and asked if I knew anybody looking for a pistol. Said he had a couple of new acquisitions. He pulled out the S&W and a 25 auto NIB, he had bought them from a retired judge. He offered the S&W for $100 and I snapped it up. It looks to have been carried a lot and fired a lot, but I think it was still a steal for a C note. My daughter has staked her claim to it for her CC gun quick as she gets 21 and permitted.
Well after reading a bunch of threads on the S&W forum I went and looked at the gun again. I missed the SN on the butt of the gun (I claim oldtimers disease). The SN is 47xx. Maybe a '54 or '55 production of the Model 1953. I may have to pony up the $50 and get the letter from S&W.
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