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Havn't posted in a while thought I'd post a couple pics of some pigs. Took a weeks vacation and headed south down to S. Texas to my in-laws farm. They've got about 6,000 acres of grain plus all the other farms I have permission to hunt we've probably got access to 10,000 plus acres of corn and milo fields. Only hunted one night had 6 or 7 different bays. High russian strain of hogs down there and they love to run! Got some dogs cut up but all in all a great hunt with old friends. Even got one hog on film right after day light made a run out of the grain and tried to cross to the neighbors high fence ranch but got stopped before he found his hole to crawl back through!!
Here's a couple pics and some video for ya!
By the way COOTER, that dog you sent down there is baying the hair off of hogs. She hates 'em and she's doing real good. What happend to the ones that went to MO?

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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