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    Has anybody ever sent a shootin' iron back to Ruger for non-warranty service? They list the prices for typical service work on their web-site.

    The price to re-barrel a Mini-14 is listed as $80.00 and I'm thinking I better just let 'em at it. Does anybody know if that's the whole deal, or just the labor with the barrel being extra (what it sounds like to me). Anybody? My mini ain't never going to be MOA, but the "threads" in my tube are gettin' scarce....Anybody?
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    I dont know but I think thats way too cheap for a barrel and labor.

  3. sounds to cheap to me also for both and to high for just labor.

    but i must say, i sent my #1 in for some warranty work, and they had it back to me in about 10 days, so the service is good

  4. Yep, back in the 80's I took my Ruger Mk1 pistol apart.... every thing on it.... and couldn't even get it started going back together again. So, I just put it in a box and mailled it to a Ruger address I found somewhere with a note asking, "... for assistance in reassembling my pistol..." if I recollect correctly. About 3-4 weeks later, I get a call from a local dealer, "your pistol's here, ready to pick up"! They'd cleaned it, reassembled it, and returned it to a dealer near me in a new Rger box for no charge. I gave the dealer a few dollars for his touble. 'silly college kids, huh???

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    Are you actually sure that the rifling is worn out?? Rifling won't be over a couple thousandths deep, so even new, it'll look shallow. I'd figure that it would need a minimum of 5-7K through it before the rifling would start to wear out, chrome lined AR's will go 20K minimum. I'd hate for you to send a bad shooting rifle back for a new barrel when all it might need is a real good cleaning to remove the copper from the barrel.
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    I couldn't agree more. Most guns will usually suffer throat erosion first, which will hamper accuracy. Most barrels aren't worn out they either are fouled or have a bur on the muzzle crown.
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    Thanks for all the replies!

    I've wondered about the barrel since I first got it. It was "dark" at first, and several serious scrubbing sessions with Hoppe's bore cleaner, then Sweet 7.62 helped, but it never got "bright." Add about 10k of serious plinking which heated the barrel way too hot more than once :rolleyes: and I think it's time for a new one.

    This barrel had been shortened to 16 and 1/8" inches by the previous owner, and the crown was done right, its just all the abuse it's had since then that concerns me. I've wondered if running a 5.56MM NATO chamber reamer down it would clean up the eroded rifling leads ahead of the chamber, but really guys, this thing's pooped.

    I may e-mail Ruger's customer service and see what the details are. They can't be providing the barrel at that price....can they?
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    Sounds like you are on the right track, then. For some reason, I was thinking mini's had a 5.56 chamber. It's been many years since I owned a mini 14, so don't hold me to that statement.
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    The barrel is stamped ".223 Rem."
  10. flintknapper

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    Okay, I re-visited the web site, and it now states (off to the side) that the service prices do not include parts and return shipping. :frown: Since 80 clams is kinda high for just labor, I'll buy an aftermarket 5.56MM barrel and pay a local smithy to swap it. Support your local gunsmith!
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    Flint, he has to get that gas port just right.
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    Dude, for the life of me I can't remember the name of the company, but in MS there is a shop that specializes in Mini's.

    They will either re-barrel the action or do a "trim" job where they remove a small amount of the stock barrel and recrown it etc. They claim that the manufacturing process that Ruger once employed, left the muzzle at less than optimal for accuracy. If I recall right they will inspect the bore and the crown and then contact you with the findings before they do anything. You will have to send the entire action so they can set everything right. Since the article is rather dated, I'm certian the price has went up. But the price noted then was more than reasonable for the work performed and it was cheaper at the time than what Ruger listed for similar work. They also have trigger options too. But depending on what you use it for, some may be awful light. The author mentioned "doubling" and "tripling" off the bench at first with the lighter trigger job.

    This was in an article several years back in GUNS magazine, so you may be able to hit their website and do a search to find who the company is. They claim to have done wonders with older Mini-14's.

    Also, Ruger used different rifling twist rates at different times of manufacture and you should be able to go to Ruger's site and find out which twist your rifle left the factory with. Just send them the serial number and they can get back to you rather quickly. Depending on the bullets you are shooting, this alone may make a huge difference in your overall accuracy. You may want to try lighter or heavier bullets depending on twist rate, and see if this made the difference that you are hoping for.

    Good luck either way.... I love the Mini!!! They ain't perfect, but they sure are neat little carbines!
  13. flintknapper

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    I'm afraid my barrel may be too short already for more crown area trimming, unless I get me a SBR tax stamp....that and it's wore out!

    I just got excited thinking the factory could re-barrel a mini for $80.00, but it ain't so.

    Can y'all tell I'm getting all my shooting irons lined out before the election??