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Ruger M77 MK11 7mm Mag. FOR SALE

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Ruger M77 MK11 7mm Mag. stainless steel/Laminated wood with a simmon pro 50 scope (2.5/10/50) if interested pm me $500 obo need to sell
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I would like to see some pics too. Might be real interested...

[email protected] my e-mail if you have pics to send.
come on guys, I can e-mail pics just cant put them on here yet......
just post 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, then ya'll be able to use photobucket and place the pics on here
The Leupold does not come with, comes with a simmons, mounted the leupold yesterday because noone had any interest in the gun.

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I was wondering what is provolking you to get rid of the rifle? And yes, I am still interested, but I do have a couple of questions too.

And are there any problems / issues with the rifle? And cosmetic damage?

Nicks / scratches .... mechanical issues?

How is the accuracy?


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