Ruger M77 Mark II

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by HeberHunter, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. HeberHunter

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    First one with the cash gets this comes as seen with scope and strap. This is a fantastic shooting gun. PM me with your cell number or email
    to discuss. $250


    Forgot to add the pics....and also it's a 243 cal. Flattest shooting rifle I've ever shot. I've got to sell it, I also have a Benelli Nova llike new 12 gauge, I'm going to have to sell also. Pics will be coming in a different thread.
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  2. SusieKiller

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    What caliber?

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  3. TRT

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    Pm'd Please include your phone number in reply.
  4. HeberHunter

    HeberHunter Well-Known Member

    Pics sent
  5. HeberHunter

    HeberHunter Well-Known Member

  6. dirtdart

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    I'll buy it in a second....sent you my wife's phone number.....can't make it there from Afghanistan anytime her.