ruger 10/22 upgrade

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by uncle a, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. uncle a

    uncle a Well-Known Member

    thinking of a upgrade in my ruger 10/22 what aftermarket barrel seem to be the best for the money, and replace the trigger or work on the factory?:head:

  2. ArkyVarminter

    ArkyVarminter Well-Known Member

    The link above is a good company with quality products. You can do the work yourself, its not that hard. I have Volguartsen trigger components and a Shilen barrel that I installed myself. My 10/22 shoots really good. Mine will shoot half inch groups and below at 50 yards and a ragged hole at 25 yards. There are other barrels out there like Green Mountain, whistle pig, and a few others. Kidd is really popular too though. Go over to Rimfire Central and talk with those guys..They are experts on aftermarket parts for the 10/22..
  3. wildgameassassin

    wildgameassassin Well-Known Member

    Green Mt 17" Heavy Taper is your best bet when you can find one. I got mine from Shooters Discount for $75 last year, add that to a Houge overmolded stock and you got yourself a shooter. My gun gun made a drastic improvement with this combo


    Top two targets are at 25yrds bottom at 50yrds
  4. uncle a

    uncle a Well-Known Member

    nice is it heavy?
  5. ArkyVarminter

    ArkyVarminter Well-Known Member

    Uncl a, no need to go with a heavy barrel since you'll be carrying it. The sporter weight barrels shoot just as good. Mine is a medium weight barrel...I assume you'll hunt with it?
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  6. uncle a

    uncle a Well-Known Member

    it will be a hunting gun and don't want anything to heavy, to many hills to climb
  7. ArkyVarminter

    ArkyVarminter Well-Known Member

    For a hunting gun I would go with a mid weight or standard barrel. No need to go with a full bull barrel. Mine is a Shilen, which is pricey, with the varmint taper. It measures .680 at the muzzle. Below are some groups I shot a few years ago at 25 yards........

  8. keyman157

    keyman157 Well-Known Member

    Check out Tactical Solutions barrels. They a lot of color options and both threaded and unthreaded barrels. They may have "Seconds" available. The barrels are aluminum, fluted, and shoot well. There are many options available for the 10/22. Mine has the Hogue stock shown above, the Tactical Solution green barrel, and a Leupold 3 X 9 X 33 EFR scope. It doesn't weigh much more than a daisy bb gun. I had a steel barrel in the beginning and it was heavy. Changing to the aluminum barrel made a lot of difference in the weight. I had the trigger worked on by a local gunsmith. This is probably the only gun that I would never sell. It is a squirrel killing machine. I bought it new in 1986.
  9. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    Wildgameassn: mine is setup just like that, tack driver for sure.
  10. wildgameassassin

    wildgameassassin Well-Known Member

    Not bad
  11. I want a tactical solution barrel....haven't heard any bad reviews on them and a lot lighter. 10/22's are pretty easy to work on if you have any mechanical sense then you can sure do it. ebay is full of stuff......
  12. dartonmav60

    dartonmav60 Well-Known Member

    Green mountian 17" Bull Barrel,all stock innerds,but they have been reworked.Shoots like a dream!10 shots at 50yds
  13. jdawg

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    That's impressive. I shake to bad to do that.
  14. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    Mine is sporting the Hogue Stock with the Tac Solutions Barrel like some of the other guys. For a hunting 10/22 this is the only way to go IMO. Like someone else said, its about the same weight as a Daisy Red Rider. You can text me for pics if you'd like 5017725471

    I like the Kidd Internals and their prices arent bad
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  15. dkhern

    dkhern Well-Known Member

    whatever the bbl go light then put volquartzen trigger etc buy good quality scope go to gun show and buy 3 boxes of every brand and type 22 ammo you can find. 3 boxes cause youll have other 22 to check and others will want to check when they see diff between one and another