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  1. CP

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    ...Baylor at 7:30...road.....ABC and FOX.

    We better show up with our laces pulled tight and double knotted...:up:
  2. stealthycat

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    a nice win if we can get it

  3. I don't know why I get so upset when I watch the Razorbacks but I do. Do ya feel that way? At half time I turned over to the Jacksonville Pittsburg game and I enjoyed that what I saw of it. I'm back watching the Hogs again and it's tied up 55 all. Talk to ya after the game.:censored: :mad: :censored:
  4. retnuhreed

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    They make me nervous!!!! Hill fouls out early, ummmm why...........?:smack:
  5. theridgehunter

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    Good win for the Hawgs!
  6. CP

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    A win
    Our RPI just went up...
  7. stealthycat

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    11 wins

    10-6 in the SEC and we'll make the DANCE without the SEC torunament
  8. A quality win that will help us get a higher seed but I am worn out. I should have had a few drinks before this one.WPS :thumb:

    By the way, Pelphrey has the guys playing with a little more fire than Heath did. I think he is a keeper.
  9. spur

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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  10. CP

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    I just hope Billy G. starts to win all the rest of his...(but us)...and ups his job security thingy somewhat....:rolleyes:
  11. retnuhreed

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    Wooooooo Pig Soooooie!

    That's what I'm talkin bout! I like seeing a coach that gets up off that bench and coaches. Heath didnt do that, made me ill. Good game! :thumb:

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  12. F B

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    Pel didnt waste much time gettin' a T in this one! :thumb:

    It was a great win for the Hogs. Not only to beat a quality team but to do it in Dallas and on TV. :thumb:
  13. possum

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    FT's down the stretch make a difference don't they? Between that one and the Steelers/Jags I may not sleep for a week.
  14. JR

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    I know what ya'll mean. I forgot that they were going to be playing last night and when we left my parents house the Hogs were up by two, by the time that we got home they were down by 7, so I wouldn't turn it on when we got in the house. I had just chalked it up as a loss, then I saw on ESPN 2 sports ticker where they had won. I guess that I was just spoiled in the early & mid-ninties when I felt confident that they could win every game played, and if they lost it was because they were robbed. I sure wish that we would get back to those days.
  15. millennium man

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    me too :biggrin:
  16. CP

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    . missed a great effort on our kids part.

    It was as close...or maybe the best, defense that we have played in twenty years.

    We let a few too many drives go unchallenged in the first half but it was a choice between defending the three or the basket. We defended the three pretty fair...shot it pretty fair also.:thumb:

    We are headed back...just be patient.
  17. hawgpharm

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    i have the game on dvr but have not been able to watch it yet. it sounds like we shot the ball really well. with the way this team plays defense we should be able to beat almost anyone if we shoot the ball well. i am excited about the recruiting class we signed and i think pel will be much better than heath was.