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    My wife and I went to Academy Sports Sunday night as we were out buying Christmas and I always have to stop by there. I was looking the the guns and noticed a box way down at the bottom that had a sale price of 89.88. I asked the guy at the counter what it was and it was a single shot Rossi bull barrell in 223 caliber. It had the sling mounts and scope rail on it and felt great so i picked it up for my 11 year old son for Christmas. My question is can he kill a deer with it? I have hunted with a 30-30 and 30-06 all my life and bought my wife a 243 last year and just want to make sure I am comfortable with him shooting deer with it.

    What bullet should I guys that shoot 223's let me know.
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    My dad bought that exact same rifle for my smaller than average little brother to deer hunt with. He has killed three with it shooting 77grain bthp sierra match kings. One was a gut shot that was a miracle to find but the rest were good shots and not any worse than blood trailing a bow kill.

  3. I bought a 223 rossi single shot for my son and he killed his first deer ever with it this year. abuot a 60-70 yard shot. She took three steps and dropped. He was using hornady rounds. Here is a link to the exact bullet he was using. Its a 55 gr V-MAX. For such a small round it did a number on that doe. Went in the shoulder and came out the other side completely removing the balljoint. The leg was held on by a little .5in flap of skin.
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    My youngest killed his first deer at the ripe old age of 6 with his Rossi .223. The deer dropped dead in its tracks. The next weekend he got a 5pt with it, same thing... The deer never took another step. He was shooting 50g ballistic tips. Fun little gun and now it's my boys go to gun when they're tooling around in the woods.

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    Cool...thanks for all the input!
  6. You got ripped off. Ill give you your money back today so you will feel better about the whole deal.
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    Did they have any more?
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  9. x3
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    Can you post a pic?
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    That is a heck of a deal on a decent little rifle!
  12. Ill take 3 at that price. My wife and daughter and youngest all need something a little lighter than my 7 mag or my 06
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    I'd sure take one. Anyone know if they still have any at that price?
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    might check the academy thats opening this weekend in fayetteville. im sure there'll be cheap stuff
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    my son has one his rate of twist is 1-11 which generally meand 52 - 55 gr bullet weight. i bought some barns 62gr hp shot in ar 1-9 shoot really good hit deer just behind lt shoulder came out last rib rt side 1" exit great blood trail went 50yd
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    Store in Texarkana said they sold out in 10 min. Reg price $219
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    My 8 yr old is 6for6 with this gun. I would suggest keeping the shots below 100 yards unless it's a neck shot. I would also recommend the Barnes 55gr hollow point.Awesome round...
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    I have one didn't remember the twist called Rossi the guy told me [email protected] twist.