Rocky Boots Repair?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Ginder75, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Not sure where to post this, but I will start here and see what develops.

    My FAVORITE pair of Rocky Boots have developed a tear. They are the Pro-Stalker ??? I think that is the make. I know they are neoprene uppers with a rubber bottom and reinforced toe and heal. They have 600 grams of Thinsolate.

    They have been wonderful boots for almost a year (60 hunts - all species). Kept me warm and DRY. But this past weekend the rubber outsole developed a tear where the toe reinforcement meets the boot.

    Anyone have a suggestion for repairing this? I have a new set on the way, but I hate getting rid of these boots before they are worn slap out! The tear is in the rubber, not the neoprene.

    I thought about contacting Rocky to see if there was anykind of warranty. But with 60 hunts on them, I guess it was there time. But there is three more years worth of walking left on the soles!

    Thought about epoxing a neoprene patch over the tear, but it is right where the foot bends at the toe.

    Any other thoughts???
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    Buy some new boots. I have never had a pair of boots last more than a year.

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    I have a pear of Muck boots that got a tear in the rubber right on the top of my foot. I just took some Super Glue and glued it back down. No problem since then. :thumb:
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    I'm not sure what kind of boots you buy for hunting boots....

    I bought a pair of Rocky boots (don't recall the specific model, but they were more geared towards hiking than hunting) over 10 years ago - and they are still functional today, although quite the worse for wear. I still use them for mucking around, but they are no longer my hunting pair.

    I have a pair of Irish Setter boots that I bought at Gander Mtn. the first Spring of their time in LR (on clearance - half off of half!) While not the most comfortable to me (I have some foot problems including a heel spur), they have been "rode hard and put up wet"... yet I stepped in a puddle that was over the foot just a little over a week ago - foot stayed dry and warm. While the leather shows signs of abuse, they seem to be holding up like a champ.

    Now - that being said - my father buys cheap boots at Wal-Mart and complains about wet and cold feet. If he wasn't so cheep, he would replace them at least every year - but he just complains and keeps wearing them until they fall apart.

    While I might not get out as much as many on this board, and likely don't walk as many miles as some, I am NOT easy on my footwear.

    While I don't exactly follow this piece of advice to the letter, it sure makes sense in the long run for most types of footwear:

    Find a boot (or shoe) you really like - buy a 2nd pair of them and alternate the use of them. You actually often get 3X the wear (instead of the 2x that you might think).

    Now - some types of boots are more likely to have problems - while the neoprene/rubber boots have become very popular (I think they are cool to.. but haven't actually need boots bad enough to buy a pair), the nature of the beast - two different materials with significantly different flex characteristics - rubber is not as flexible as neoprene - especially when very cold. So, splitting of the rubber or the junction where neoprene and rubber meet is very common.

    Remman here on this board has had a pair of Muck Boots for over a year now - and he wears them quite a bit. I don't know for certain, but I don't think he has had any trouble out of them...