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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by 870Neahunter, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Sorry, but I am going to rant just a little. I don't know about anyone else on here but I get so sick of ever time you read a waterfowl post someone is bashing others for using Robos. My feeling is if you do not like it find another sport or stop griping about the ones that do use them. You don't ever see them complaining about people using pulseating duck butts, quiver butts, jack kites, vortex machines, mallard machines or any other motion decoys. If we want to go back to the basics then lets start using two dozen of old decoys, one wooden duck call, no jerk cord, canvas waders, and a charcoal bucket. Yes, I do use them and some other mechanical devices some. Whether it helps me or not I will continue to use them until they are outlawed. So stop bashing everyone else and just enjoy the sport whether you agree with it or not.
  2. MM

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    Did someone hurt your feelings?????

    If this is your stance, why in the hell do you care what someone else says or thinks?

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    I agree. Our great website is turning into a gripe session.
    lets talk about how great it is to be in the woods chasin whatever is in season at the time.
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    i tend to lean toward the not posting in the BS threads. i use a robo and have not. Im a Hunter. all i care about is gettin the job done. i prefer to not get skunked.
    thus why i dont stick bow hunt deer.

    If u wanna rock it old school all the power too ya. Do it. but let me do it my way too. :)
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    could not agree more

    No I did not get my feelings hurt. I hardly ever post on here. I like to get on here and read about everyone elses hunts and it always turns to the negative part of robos just about no matter what the header is. Like I said I use them and will continue and I agree use whatever it takes to put the meat on the table.
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    if you want to get the topwaters out of the woods its simple... get rid of the GPS's..... put nothin but a compass and a map in someones hand and half of em will get lost going down the ditch.... i can remember when folks were scared of bayou meto... they acted like it was the bermuda triangle... not saying i never use one, hell, i use spinners too, but if your wanting to go old school thats where you start
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    And so you came on here to gripe about others griping? :head: :smack:
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    I think I may be misunderstood. I would not even be on here griping about this or probably even posting if you could just get on here and read someone post without having to skip through all of the other garbage of the debate of robos on a thread that did not even say anything about robos. I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL WAYS. I enjoy the modern advancements of hunting, but if they outlaw them again, big deal I will just change the way I hunt. Sorry for the post, trust me it will be my last.
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    go look at the thread a picture is worth a thousand words.....robo world this weekend
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    As of recent vintage the most controversial subject in duck hunting by a large margin is robo ducks and you think that in Arkansas and on an Arkansas duck hunting forum you are not going to read some opinions? You can't possibly be serious.

    PS - The threads have titles; If you don't like that subject read something else that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.


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    Even though the "haters" mean it to be personal, don't let it bother you. They must have been abused children is all I can figure out. Most of the guys on here are good folks. It is not just spinners, there are folks on here that hate running dogs, high fence hunting, rage broadheads, and shooting "little bucks". The "haters" keep this site from getting boring!
  14. snydedawg

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    If I was guessing I'd say most of the "haters" probably don't really hunt anyway.

    They just sit in Mom's basement on the internet and complain!!!

    And 10pointman nailed it!!!! It's just a big whine session here anymore. A few years ago this site was a blast.. folks talked about hunts! Not boat races, robos, and how the AGFC has screwed them yet again!

    But there is the 10% rule... 10% of people cause 90% of the problems!

    Pretty sure we got some 10%ers around here these days!!!
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    I agree!:clap::thumb::up:
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    thanks guys, I was beginning to think I was all by myself on this.
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    I will admit I'm a hater !!!! I hate them with an undying passion !!!

    Ten years ago in my younger and dumber days I would have simply walked into your decoys and shot your spinner and walked out had you set up in my back pocket :up:

    And yes I hunt I average about 40+ a year , it used to be 60 plus before they ban us from guiding !!

    This year I've hunted about 10 , some of that is due to a new born son . But the majority is due to low water , stupid people and spinning wing decoys !!!!

    You see the majority of us "HATERS" are a tight group of hunters who see this whole thing spiraling out of control !! It's not the new hunters fault they don't know any better , you can't blame a man who's never been taught how to do right .

    Hunting ducks is not a hobbie it's not even a passion . In my household it's simply a way of life :up:
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    I feel like a person could change a couple of words out in this, and it would be talking about people like you. Like you said, if you dont like it, then find another forum, and quit bashing people who do not like robos. Im not trying to be rude, but you have to take a step back and realize that you are setting a double standard.
    Here is one of the many reasons i do not like robos, and feel they should be banned. It hasnt gotten so bad with them, that in the last 3 times i have been out, there has been at least 2 groups of people that come in and setup within 50 yards of me, and they set out 5 robos each and never once blow on a duck call. This is what is ruining the timber hunting, b/c all the people are doing is drawing other's swings down closer to the treetop and then skybusting them. It is an awful way to go about the sport, and i hate for them, that they were obviously taught that way to hunt. And this scenario is not an exaggeration. There are really a lot of different reasons, that people who have been around hunting public land over the last 13+ years can attest to.
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    Why is it that a person can't express an opinion, without folks taking it personal and attacking them? It's like folks want to shut up anyone that does not agree, with the same things that they do.
    If someone says they belive that "whatever" should not be allowed, folks jump down that persons throat, and accuse them of bashing others. The person that states an opinion about something, has just as much right to state that opinion, as anyone else does to state theirs. That opinion should be respected the same as yours.
    If, instead of attacking a person for stating their opinion, there was some discussion about that opinion, folks might come to understand one another much better. Who knows, we might even start respecting each others opinion. :idea:
  20. greenhead smackdown

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    Amen, im not attacking the people for using them, but Im attacking the robos in general, b/c i feel they are ruining everybody's quality of hunting. And that includes the people who are using them, not just the ones who arent.