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  1. Alpha

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    who all has ever picked up any fresh AKA just hit deer or a hog??? started to pick up a hog today round 80lbs but decided not to since it had salamanders on it. it was not stiff or anything. but went with 2 gut feelings. Imma gonna say a lady hit it since it was still there. If 1 of us redneck in tull hit it it be christmas dinner. But what can i say we drove by it a day late.:banghead:
  2. Maximaman

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    Good thing you didn't have a hungry gut feeling!!
    No I have never picked up road -kill .!!

  3. AfterLife

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    I have picked up road kill

    Critters to mount - white opossum one time and red fox

    late one nite COLD COLD - big truck hit deer in front of me big ole flop ear nanny and she got sliced and diced. All I can say is she must of not looked both ways before crossing highway and she sure was tasty lol lol
  4. AirForceHawg

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    I was following behind a friend one night about a year ago and he hit a monster coon. It bounced its head up on his undercarriage, didn't damage the fur at all. I anticipated it, stopped, and had the coon in the bed of my truck driving down the road about 30 seconds later.
  5. willfred219

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    Used to work at a deer processor and he made folks pay up front if they brought in road kill. He had wasted a lot of time and effort dressing road kill to find it bloodshot and the folks would then decide that they didn't want it.
  6. Buck-Ridge

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    I have picked up 3 fresh roadkill deer. They need to hang because they don't bleed out like a shot deer other than that they are fine. Keep the good parts and throw the bloodshot part. 2 of them I picked up were does that were only hit in the head.
  7. 25/06

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    Your a red neck if youve stopped and picked up supper! I picked up a big ole doe a couple weeks ago. She was laying on the edge of the white line and I was pretty sure I would have seen her when I passed that way earlier so I stopped to check her out. She had a skinned place on her head and was warm and not at all stiff. I loaded her up and brought her home. I got the back straps and hams. It was cold that night and late. I really hate to see a deer go to waste. A couple days later, my wife saw a 6 point in the ditch in the same location. Wasted meat.
  8. DeLancey

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    I picked up a buck that got hit one day because it came stagering off the highway to my sand and fell right below me, it sounded like the car hit a tree when it hit the deer. his legs were broke and one rib was broke went right through the heart
  9. DeLancey

    DeLancey Well-Known Member

    and I picked up a rabbit I hit one time just crushed the head
  10. ruger08

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    Friend of mine hit one few years ago up the road from house, i went up there to get it and shes laying in middle of road. I go to grab her legs and throw her on truck, and she goes to kicking. shes hurt bad enough she cant get up and traffics backing up waiting on me to get out of the way so i unfortunately had to finish her off with a shovel. I now carry a pistol. She ate good.
  11. huskyman

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    A couple years back my bil called me one night and said a lady had smacked a deer right at the end of their driveway, and he wondered if I wanted the meat. I told him to bring it on over, when he got to our house, I walked out to his truck, and lo and behold, that buck was still very much alive. The deer was sucking air like a carp out of water, but was knocked out cold! I pulled him off the tailgate and bled him out right there, tasted mighty good! I don't mind eating fresh on the hoof roadkill.:up:
  12. austincrutchfield

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    Picked up one deer that had been hit because i saw it get hit, would pick another one up as long as i was the one that hit it or saw it get hit
  13. xtremebowhunter

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    welcome to the Roadkill Cafe, may I take your order :fit:
  14. buckhorn

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    Picked up a big nanny last year. No blood shot meat. Perfect condition.
    Made lots of polish sausage.:up:
  15. SARAH

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    There was a big ole doe right off highway 49 this morning coulda thrown a rock from my house and hit her didn't have time to stop and mess with her if I had the time I woulda seen where she was hit and if meat wasn't ruined would have probably took her home, and butchered her up only because I KNOW she wasn't there at 10:30 the night before. I would only ever consider eating one that had been hit if I KNEW how long it had been there.
  16. Buck-Ridge

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    All you have to do is grab hold of one of the legs and pull on it. If the deer hasn't gotten stiff yet it is fairly fresh. If it makes squishy noises and smells bad it has aged a little too long.
  17. BowMadness00

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    Like many others that have posted, I hate seeing a deer go to waste if it can be used. My father and I have processed many road kill deer...and have never had any problems with the meat. Last year, somebody cut off the head on a roadkill buck and we actually took home a headless deer to process...