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    FWIW #2 - this will never make it to the main stream and after you watch it you’ll know why. It’s things like this that happen and are great.


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    Love that! But your right, no way they will show that on liberal news. It might show there are good cops . Sure wouldn't want that!!
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    Maybe I should send UFC fighters out there to stop this sh*t' – Dana White on George Floyd unrest
    6 Jun, 2020 10:51 / Updated 12 hours ago
    Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White speaks as U.S. President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 20, 2020 © REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
    After UFC champion Jon Jones took to the streets of New Mexico to help prevent destruction during the ongoing unrest in the US, promotion boss Dana White has suggested sending more fighters out to quell the violence.
    UFC light heavyweight champ Jones recently went viral when a video of the 6ft 4in star was shared showing him confronting a pair of youths carrying spray cans on the streets of Albuquerque amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

    In a message accompanying the clip, Jones fumed: "Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore? Why the f*ck are you punk a** teenagers destroying our city?"

    Now UFC boss Dana White says Jones had exactly the right idea, and has even suggested sending more fighters out onto the streets to combat the rioting.

    "Did you see him [Jones] walking down the streets of Albuquerque, taking spray cans out of kids' hands?" White said on a podcast with former Jackass star Steve-O.

    "Those kids sh*t their pants. I think maybe I should send UFC fighters out on the streets to stop this sh*t," he added, although appearing to be joking.

    White is known to be close to US President Donald Trump, so could at least in theory raise the suggestion as beleaguered authorities continue to grapple with the mass destruction after the death of African American man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

    ALSO ON RT.COM'Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore?': Enraged UFC champ Jon Jones takes on protest vandals (VIDEO)
    White, meanwhile, has battles of his own to attend to after a pay revolt from some of the UFC's biggest names.

    Longtime light heavyweight king Jones has threatened to walk away from the promotion over his demands for more money for a 'superfight' against heavyweight powerhouse Francis Ngannou.

    On Friday, popular welterweight Jorge Masvidal also suggested he could quit the UFC over dissatisfaction with his pay.

    White addressed the issue on the Steve-O podcast, saying: "These are the kind of things that happen, everyone wants more money, it's human nature, everyone needs moremoney."

    ALSO ON RT.COMWATCH laughing looters clear out Chicago Nike store in UNDER A MINUTE

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    They just arrested that fool that threthend the diamond district.!!
    I sure was hoping they would
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    Well, all the rapists, thieves, murderers, and drug dealers will flock to the cities who are releasing them without requiring bail. BONUS: Many of those same cities are defunding the police and replacing them will unicorns and leprechauns to deal with crime. Not so much a bonus for the law abiding people who live there.
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    Why would they do that????


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    What? How can the Military not back the President???? Are you talking. What TF are you saying? This is stupid!
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    Did they get their million "protesters" to show up in D.C.? I'd say that if they overrun the security around the White House, Esper will be out of a job real quick! With the largest "protest" yet planned for today it's the dumbest move I've seen yet from him!
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    fox is reporting 200,000.
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    Trump still has some "deep staters" coming out of the woodwork, now & then. Esper appears to be one of them. The question I want to ask...why is Christopher Wray still the director of the FBI?? It's obvious that he's not trying to clean up anything in there, & has delayed/stonewalled many of the investigations on the Obama administration, by not handing over files that have been subpoenaed, etc. He's definitely a "deep stater", that needs to go!! Only thing I can Trump is waiting till after the election to fire him.
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    You must have watched Judge Jeanine tonight too LOL. I hadn't really thought about that weasel Wray for a while now with all the looting, rioting, and burning going on but got reminded about him again tonight during her segment with Jim Jordan. Something else that totally didn't surprise me on her show tonight was when Bernie Kerik said he'd heard that almost 600 NYPD officers were either resigning or talking to their superiors about retiring. Can't blame them at all!
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    No...I didn't get to watch Judge Jeanie tonight, but would have liked to have seen it with Jim Jordan on there. We can expect a lot of police officers to quit or retire, can't blame them. Some of them are in a no win situation.
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    Do all lives matter? Seriously, I'd like to know. I do know this, during the riots at Ferguson and Baltimore the BLM did not want to hear all lives matter. Can't remember who it was but a politician said all lives matter, but the BLM made them take it back and appologize. Just wondering have they changed their mind now? Are they any different than they were a few yrs ago. If not, how racist can you get. Any of y'all got guts enough to carry an all lives matter sign in the middle of these protests? Not me. I feel like you'd be beaten close to death if you did.
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    Whites are all evil in their eyes so we should all get on our knees and apologize for our "white privilege"---NOT! I only kneel for the Lord, not some violent crackpot racist group that was founded on a lie ("Hands up, don't shoot").
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    Colon Powell, George bush, John mc Cain's widow, ( because of the personal attack on Sen Mc Cain ) which I didn't like myself. Trump was wrong, mc Cain WAS a war hero!
    Sen Mc closky , Mitch Romney, who cares about Mitch, not me. They all have said they won't vote for Trump.
    I voted for Bush, liked him. So these "Republicans" are gonna let their personal feelings keep them from voting Republican in Nov? They had rather vote Dem than put their hurt feelings behind them. Purty wimpy I say!!
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    They're all RINOS. McCain was a hero in the Vietnam war, but he was a weasel in the Senate the last few years. Romney is a liar, supports Trump when he thinks he might get a place in the Cabinet, got Trump to endorse him, then starts being a weasel like McCain. Bush doesn't like it that Trump has accomplished a lot of the things he should've done during his presidency. Trump's rough around the edges, but this isn't the high school student council election, not a popularity contest.
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    McCain was a spoiled son of an Admiral while he served... If he hadn't been captured, no one would know anything about him.....
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