Riot at Arkansas country rap concert!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by hawgpharm, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Exactly. Then he and Brooks & Dunn had a threesome which brought us Rascal Flatts
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    What is rascal flats ?
    Sorry I don’t listen to boy bands....

  3. luckless

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    I kind of like his music.
  4. Clearly a fabrication.
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  5. Onetrakd

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    Fake news...
  6. Allenn

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    It was a good concert. I hate some of y’all didn’t show up in time and got turned away.
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    Trash is Trash, regardless of the color...d2
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    I never did do concerts!

    N8HARNER Well-Known Member

    I was late like usual so I got turned away. I took my 4x4 and tore through the ditch. That stop sign got tangled in my undercarriage and tore my truck up. Now I gotta fix that. I sent tweets to both upchurch and the park. One of those are gonna have to fix my truck.

    I will confess that I do like some of the "country rap" but most of them are foul mouthed and I don't like that. Jawga Boyz and Colt Ford is really the only artists that have any decent rap I can't stand upchurch and his filthy mouth nor most the others.
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    * Blocked
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    What about Cowboy Troy?
  12. Allenn

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    I have to agree I like both of them. Seen Colt Ford a few times and every time he mentions God and how blessed he is ect and always solutes our troops and America.
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    Well I guess as long as he mentions God, all the profanity he slings is ok
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    I’m not sure that I can of any cuss words in any of the songs I like. Digging, biscuits and gravy, no more trash in my trailer, hunting the world , twisted . I’m not sure they have any cuss words. Regardless I never said that makes it ok.
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    Agreed!!! Please block after that comment.... Damn Yankee.....
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    Don’t let JW fool you. He was going to take me duck hunting for the “take an ooser to a WMA weekend” I was trying to get started and he called me and said we couldn’t go because he was having problems with his sub and if he couldn’t bump into the ramp he wasn’t going. True story. Why would I lie?
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    You can't lie on the internet. It's a law.
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    Now we know you're lying. Because old JW is a one man wolf pack in the woods.
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    It’s the nature of the “music” and performance that entices crowd behavior. I know this was by the people denied entry but they were the same type that were already inside. Back in the day, Marlboro concert series would come to the base I was stationed at. One night of country, one right of rock and one night of rap. These were big name performers. I always had to work security so was at all 3 nights. There never was any problems at the country or rock concerts but nothing but problems at rap night. Security was always doubled for the rap. Fights, throwing stuff and attacks on security where the norm.