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  1. arc3162

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    I was talking with my grandpa the other day about coon hunting and we got on the subject of wildcats. He tells me that him and great grandpa used to tree one once in a while and if you weren't careful they would tare your dogs all to pieces before they got it killed. I have never treed one personally. I was wondering if any of the other hunters out there had seen a ring tail recently.

    I have treed a few bobcats in my day and from what grandpa tells me about wildcats I think I would rather deal with a bobcat.

    Have all the wildcats been killed out here?
  2. mike white

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    treed one last year Felsenthal NWR last year in daytime,think we been treeing one sometimes at nite coonhunting.when you get close to tree with lite on they will bail out like a bobcat will . went to tree one night left lite off until i got undre tree. when i turned lite on and shined tree seen cat bail out ,man it was rough under that tree for a mintue then we had a 2-hr race wound up in big cypress den tree

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    Don't think I am dumb for asking, but what is the difference between a bobcat and a wildcat? Are you referring to the wildcat as a lynx? Only cat iv ever seen in the wild is a bobcat.
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    Thanks I appreciate it.
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    Isn't that what some people call a polecat?
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    A polecat is a skunk, at least here in scott county, may be called a pole cat in other parts of the state.
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    Sure hate to sound green but...we got those in Arkansas? I've never seen one.
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    X2 i have coon hunted and been out in the woods at all hours and have never seen one, actually never even heard of one until now. Can you kill them?
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    I grew up hearing stories about full grown walker dogs getting their tails whooped by a wildcat. I dont think there is a real heavy population of them here but there are a few.
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    Good friend of mine was a fur buyer, here in north central Arkansas, he'd usually end up with 2 to 6 ringtails every year from around here.
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    I think I have seen one of those, I couldn't figure out what it was because it was night time. That would make a neat full body mount.
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    I agree, I would like to have one mounted as well. maybe I will run across one one of these days while I am coon hunting.
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    Ive never had any dealins with any, but I used to see them in Full Cry. I want to say they have alot of them in Texas and Oklahoma.
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    Grandpa used to talk about polecats and tell me they were not skunks. Never could figure out what he was talking about. I think I might have pictures of a couple of these on a game cam this week. We couldn't figure out what it was because the tail was so long and the bodies are skinnier than the coons. I'll try to post them and you guys can decide. We decided it was just coons.
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    I have heard a spotted skunk is sometimes called a pole cat or civit cat. They are smaller than a skunk and instead of stripes they have spots.
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    A polecat is a SKUNK!!!!
  18. Hudge

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    Here is some useless knowledge and facts. And is not meant to offend anyone just thought I would share.

    Here in arkansas and many other states a skunk is often referred to as a polecat. Polecat is also used in a lot of countries to describe a number of animals that let off a pungent odor. But a true polecat is in the weasel family and looks more like a ferret than a skunk.

    A spotted skunk is a smaller, faster species of skunk. But both spotted and striped skunks are in the same family (Mephitidae).

    A civet cat is a term used to describe a varity of cat like animals. Which includes the ringtail cat, spotted skunk, and Civets Which is a animal found in Asia and Africa that looks like a cross between a cat, a otter and a monogoose.
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  20. Tink

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    Seen few around this area up here befor. Didn't understand what it was shot it with a 12ga an found out what it was.