Rimadyl vs. Meloxicam

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    My lab is showing some arthritis symptoms, and I'm about to take her to the vet. I've been reading about older dog health issues, and she'll prob. need to be on a NAISD from now on. Which is better, Rimadyl or Meloxicam? I've heard good things about both, but isn't Meloxicam less expensive?

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    Got no idea, but used the Meloxicam myself, and it didn't seem to help this old dog!!!:biggrin:

  3. Our vet prescribed Rimadyl when our rat terrier started having trouble getting around. Within a week or so of starting the medicine he was like a new dog and back to getting around as normal.
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    Don't know about dogs but I take Meloxicam and doesn't help this old fart
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    Both of those drugs are great. You will need to find out which one your dog responds to best. I personally start my patients on Rimadyl because it has been out longer and more safety data has been accumilated on this drug. I am more comfortable with the safety of Rimadyl. I see fewer adverse reactions to Rimadyl. However, I do use Metacam in certain situations also. If you are not pleased with how your dog responds then you can talk to your veterinarian about switching after a 2 week trial.
    The Rimadyl can be given either once or twice a day. The Metacam is to be given once a day. Obviously Rimadyl is in a tablet form and the Metacam is in a liquid form. These are variables that you need to consider when thinking about long term usage.
    Both are good and this is where you need to rely on your veterinarian's experience.
    I will tell you that if you think your dog needs long term usage, PLEASE allow your veterinarian to monitor their liver / kidney enzymes. This is very important blood test that will help keep your dog safe and healthy when taking this type of medication.
    Let us know how your dog responds to therapy.

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    Dr. Gentry,

    Thanks a lot for the information. She's already on Prion full time, and after think about it, I'd rather not put her on any other meds constantly unless she really needs them. How can I tell if she needs to take a NAISD every day? Would it be ok to give them to her only during cold weather, after exercise, etc? Also, how often should my vet check her enzymes? He checked them when we put her on Proin for incontinence and they were fine.

    Thanks again for the information you all give to us on this board!
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    Typically I tell my clients to trial the NSAID for 2 weeks and during the time objectively assess how well your dog feels. Then we get together and see if daily treatment is warranted. A lot of dogs will only need to take it during cold weather or with heavier activity. Remember this particular class of drug is not "fixing" the arthritis, it is decreasing pain by decreasing joint inflammation. So, yes she can take it as needed at home.
    As far as checking her enzymes, that has more to do with how frequent she is taking the drug, the amount of drug, and even which one she is taking. That is something you need to discuss with your veterinarian. Just an average is usually once maybe twice a year unless a change is detected.
    Remember, if she needs it, then she needs it. This is a great class of drug and has helped thousands of dogs live longer, happier lives.