Right on cue, democrats plan to introduce new gun control legislation

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by bigiron, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. JR

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    I'm not suprised.

  2. alexanderg23

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    Sounds like more people should of had a gun that day, heard they had to rush him and tackle him:smack: unarmed sheeple
  3. jhw

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    I wonder if he had ran his car into the crowd, and killed that many people, would the dems want to outlaw cars? :head:
  4. mossyhorn

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    Using a tragedy to push their political agenda......Doesnt surprise me one bit. If you out law gun the only people with guns will be the bad guys. Hell why stop at guns; lets get rid of knives, slig shots, blow guns and fertilizer while where at it.:censored: heads!!!!!!
  5. JR

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    You forgot a board with nails in it. :up:
  6. JohnnyMac

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    Thankfully they're pushing it in 2011 instead of 2009.

    It makes me wonder if anti-constitution tyrants just sit around wishing for tragedies like this so they can push their agenda.
  7. Cjdavis618

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    As Rahm Emanuel says. Never "waste a crisis". :banghead:

    Now the half truths and the lies begin. :censored:
  8. sam

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    I always wonder just what law they think they could pass to prevent something like this. The guy killed 6 people, the laws against murder have the strictest punishment there is, so if they pass a another law, murders would automatically obey that law for fear of punishment, when the punishment for murder is already more than anything they'll put on a weapons restriction law. Give me a break.
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    It was a Glock 19. I'd like to see someone fire "hundreds of bullets in less than a minute" with one. But you wouldn't expect the facts from a Dim with an agenda. :rolleyes:
  10. mossyhorn

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    unless the 19 had a fun button...which it didnt.....its impossible.
  11. Lord protect us from idiots and politicians.. Amen..
  12. TacHunter

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    What's sad is it took a grey headed woman to wrestle with the shooter as he tried to re-load! Then others decided to join in and subdue him. Granny led the charge!:up: As I mentioned in a post on another thread he could have used a car or a semi-truck or a bomb of some kind. Let's remember Tim Mcvey didn't use a gun at all. I just thank God that we have a conservative house and a large part of the senate. If this had happend a year and a half ago we would all be bow hunting next year. :whew:
  13. mwmwbm

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    X2 I believe he has his work cut out answering that one.:fit:
  14. M1Tommy

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    Now, just whom does this really surprise? They have bills lined up, all written and ready for their 'sponsors' to sign and introduce ASAP after any such event. "The One" has a good notion that all the Dems will vote in lock-step fashion, to get meaningful "stuff" passed. This should be another umm... notice to folks who believe in the term "moderate Democrat".
  15. 4hunting

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    Yep, they are coming out of the woodwork now. Anyone see the originial interview with the Sherriff who was the OIC where he said it was not the guns that caused this deal, it was the system we have in place now that allows these types to be running the streets & now allows them to get their hands on them. As he said, 20 years ago these types with known issues would have been locked away somewhere safe but now, as the system in place dictates, they are given a free pass & special privilages are given to them to make them become part of sociaty. He was pretty adament about what he was saying at the time. More than likely we got to hear the real truth of the cause, but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, for some reason now, he has changed his tune completely, now he is fully behind the system, the system woks, he is bashing guns, laying blaim on the Tea Party & others who have went againest the system that has caused this to happen, he for an reason did an 180 degee turn about from day 1 to now on his position. Not a peep of the first interview has been played on any of the main stream media of this originial interview after the Fed's took charge with the exception of Fox as to what he said. Kinda like he was drug over into a dark corner & told, No here is what you say from here on out after the Fed's showed up to take charge! Now when he is interviewed he has to put his hand over his ear so he can hear what they are saying in the earphone to say.

    You all are right, the Donkey party is going to milk this for all it is worth, kinda strange how timely this all worked out is it not and they had all their stuff ready to go when it did randomly happen, just saying!:whistle:
  16. truckmetal23

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    When Chris Mathews talked about blowin up Rush with an 02 tank like in the james bond movie,was anybody worried about"hateful rhetoric"? When those canucks made the movie about assasinating Dubya,where was PMSNBC? Bill Ayers and the SDS blew up buildings and killed people in the 60's but we werent supposed to care. As a proud member of tea-party nation,the first e-mail I got from them after this happened was how horrible it was and that we dont believe in random violence and that our prayers were with the victims,but,right on cue,they try to make this guy an angry white guy,while all the evidence points to him being a left-wing pothead who has been stalking Gifford for 2 yrs
  17. 4hunting

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    Yep, like I said they are coming out of the woodwork and just look at the types that are carring the banner for that cause and this is the type that the main stream media has choosen take up arms with againest all of this stuff that they deam to be "UN-AMERICAN that has built this country!:smack:


    You right on what he truely is, if anything he would have more than likely have felt alot more comfortable in this crowd than he would have sitting around 1 of our campfires at deercamp, think?:head:
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  18. headhunter_60

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    I thought they were the same thing...
  19. Not all idiots are politicians but all politicians are idiots..:up: