Rifles Murder 450 Annually, Drunk Drivers 10,000

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    According to recent FBI statistics, rifles are the chosen weapon in about 450 murders per year and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, about 10,000 traffic fatalities PER YEAR are alcohol related. Guess which one the president (notice I did not say "our president") chose to attack?
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    Rifles don't murder anybody, ever.

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    Well lets Ban vehicles then!!!!!!!!!!
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    No lets not ban them, but lets treat them just like any other deadly weapon out here. The want to put reg's & rules in place that will affect everyone in the name of what a few idots have done with an item. I say, fine, go for it, but lets not stop there. How about we start working on a law where it is mandetory that every car or vehicle sold in the US has to have a breatherlizer installed in it that a person has to blow in before the car will start. No differant than the reg's they propose on the guns. As they keep saying, it will only affect those that didn't need one start with. Well, this will only affect those who have had a couple of toddies and decide to get behind the wheel & drive. All of the sobber folks would not be affected. As this tread said, and the other tread I started on this subject said, there are more people killed by drunks behind the wheel of a car that there is not just by rifles, but ALL forms of guns combined each year here in the US. I have never lost a love one or friend to gun violance, but I cannot say the same for car's & drunks.

    You know the irony of all this, I would beat my last dollar that if such a reg was placed upon car's as I talked about, the very one who are the most vocal wanting gun control would scream the loadest, even old Bloomberg, cause in their minds this would be something that would affect them, and they would not want it. They want to take "Our" guns away, but beat most of them don't give a second thought to taking a nip or two and driving on home cause it is the social thing to do!!!!
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    I'm behind you 110%! How many lives would it save and how much money would it save? ALOT! You could probably balance the budget in a few years with the money saved on insurance claims where a "deer" ran out in front of me and I hit the ditch. Was a deer or that beer?
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    That line of reasoning would never work. That sounds too much like sense.:whistle:
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    Alcoholism is considered a mental health issue. Before you start asking for mental health evaluations. You should know how many and how they are classified.
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    Good enough, they want stand their ground & don't want nut cases having guns and killing their love ones, I don't want them driving cars and killing mine!!! Fair enough?
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    No mental evaluations, just breathalizers in every vehicle! Just imagine the jobs it would also create!
  11. In the goodle days a hemp rope evaluation trumped plea bargains.

    Amazing what a boost to mental health that the fear of real capital punishment will give to someone contemplating violence against innocent victims. Even to those deciding to drive drunk.

    I was picnicking with my family in the backwoods Ouachitas and a couple of rough, unshaven guys drove by slowly twice in an unlicensed pickup, staring unsmilingly at myself, my wife and our small children.

    I went over to our truck and brought back a rifle I'd carried with us and laid it across my knees as I sat in a lawn chair. These guys actually came by again and saw I'd armed myself. That was the last we saw of them.

    Fear of real punishment is a real deterrent.

    Drinkers get cut a lot of slack since many public officials are drinkers too. Even after multiple dui convictions they get a slap on the wrist. A revoked license WILL NOT keep a drinker from driving. Ankle alarms and hard time for offenders.

    I have zero compassion for drinking drivers that murder people.
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    I like your style!
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    How about eating disorders? Over 400 issues considered mental disorders.
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    no that is job killing regulation. :smack::fit: