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Rifles for sale

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I am clearing out some unused rifles that have migrated to the back of the safes. Ive had them a couple years. None have ever been fired or carried. I kept and labeled the owners manuals and stuff they came with. They are essentially brand new, but may have a tiny ding or rub from being crammed in with other guns. These Savages Axis are not expensive rifles, but I’ve never had one that didn’t shoot really well. All have removable mags.

Meet in Cabot area or downtown Little Rock during the week.

Synthetic Stock Axis: .243 & 22-250
Asking $275 each

Wood Stock Axis with 3x9 Weaver Scope: .308 & 30-06
Asking $375 each

CVA V2 Wolf Stainless .50 Cal Muzzleloader with Konus 3x9 scope
Asking $250

Will knock a little off if you buy more than one.

Things I’m always interested in trading for or buying outright: Old Browning A5 Shotguns, Marlin lever guns, Primers, 444 Marlin or 35 Rem Brass or Ammo, Electric Case Trimmer, cool or unusual guns, big bore bolt guns, Or just ask!

Wood Camera accessory Cameras & optics Office supplies Hardwood

Wood Air gun Trigger Tool Hardwood

Wood Hardwood Tool Revolver Tints and shades

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Shotgun
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