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    I have a 10 week old Walker pup that recently started to develop a definite bow to her front legs. Within a couple of days, she has started to walk on the outsides of her feet. Will Cod liver oil and/or a calcium supplement straighten her up, or will it simply prevent the problem from getting worse?

    Also, assuming this is Rickets, is it genetic, environmental, or dietary, or a combination of these? I've fed a quality puppy feed (30/20) since weaning, and they've had adequate sunlight and exercise. Thanks for your response!
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    With what you are describing, it has been my experience that these puppies are "bowing" due to the soft tissue structures that surround the carpal or wrist joints. They usually only experience it on the forelegs. The can sink back or they can turn inward as you describe. Rickets is extremely uncommon nowadays due to all the commercial foods that are fed are more appropriately balanced with Vitamin D and Calcium. I always put these puppies on Ester C which is a Vitamin C supplement. Optimistically speaking, they can dramatically improve over just a few week period after being on it. What is interesting about it is that they are usually puppies in good body condition. Some of them can even be "growthy" type puppies. I would suggest you give this a try. I know Walgreens sells the Ester C. There is no finite dosage. I suggest to clients to give 1/2 of a human dose (it is very safe). There has been some reports of splinting these puppies, which I think is fine. However, it can be intense managing the wraps on puppies (keeping them dry, preventing them from chewing, and doing frequent changes). You might refer back to a previous post that Jam made in regards to this. Good luck. I hope this helps you.