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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by rsp, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. rsp

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    I am trying to figure out something to put out for deer to feed rice bran in. Something that could be made easily and cheap, with a cover/roof to keep the rice bran dry and preferably off the ground. I have seen the live stock feeders and these would work, but are expensive and too big. I was trying to think of something smaller, home made, and more deer specific. Any ideas, experience or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Arkie_3_fan

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    There's really not much to the ones that I've seen.
    If I think about it, I'll try and take my camera and run down the road to my buddy's deer lease and snap a pic or two. They have a few feeders like you are talking about and even one corn feeder set up with a way to set the timer off from inside the deer stand.

  3. beltcutter

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    Some ideas..I like the last one..



  4. BKS

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    Alright, stupid question from me>

    Would you need to put in a mesh type bottom or something to keep it from mildewing/rotting, making the deer sick?

    Im not being funny, Im looking at building one of these to put in my back yard.
  5. possum

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    The CP Feeder

  6. Farm Boy

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    I've seen one that was made out of 8 - 10 inch pipe. Put a T on it and tie it to a tree up side down. Put a bucket over the top to keep the water out. Put it high enough off the ground that the deer can eat out of it comfortably. The whole thing is about 4 foot tall.:flag:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Miller -Bowie Supply, in Texarkana, has some for sale, look like they be 4ft X 6ft.........made originally for feeding cattle, but the guy says they've sold several to deer hunters!! I think they are asking $300 a piece.............
  8. Yeah you can build a 4x4 yourself for 50 dollars roughly.....Just a thought with money tight these days.
  9. rsp

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    Thanks for the replies. These have given me some ideas.
  10. trapperman1985

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    I would go with the above cattle feeder style feeders. Go to Home Depot or Lowes. We usually have cull lumber for cheap in a bin. Buy some of that and go find you a cheap or free drum and cut in half. You could easily get out very cheap if you don't get in a hurry and shop around. You should ven be able to pick up cull shingles and osb for the roof. Or you could just use some old metal roofing. Hope this helps. Show us some pictures when you fnish.
  11. pirogue

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    Does the rice bran work as good as corn in a tube feeder (PVC pipe and wye)
  12. rsp

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    Don't know. I have thought about that also. I have a pipe feeder I am going to try it in and let you know.
  13. turkey pond bucks

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    Does the rice bran work as good as corn in a tube feeder (PVC pipe and wye)

    I have been told it doesn't cause it packs in and don't fall out the bottom.
  14. Greenhead86

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    Where is a good place around Little Rock to buy Rice Brand?
  15. ouachita

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    Rice Bran does not work well in a tube or barrell type feeder. It does tend to clog and does not "flow" like corn does.

    You can buy rice bran at farmers co-op here in Benton, so I assume you could get it at the one in Little Rock.

    Around here it is like cocaine for deer. They just can't stay away from it.
  16. Razorback Feed and Seed in NLR has 40# bags of rice bran. Can't remember the price.
  17. 2dogs

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    RiverCity Seed Company in NLR $8.25 / 50 lbs. It comes out of Mcgee.
  18. Go to McGehee and save some money. $100 and something for a tote bag.
  19. natestep

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    Ive had good luck using it in a tube feeder. I dont have a turn out on the pipe I just tie a 5' piece of 4" sewer solid pipe to a tree and put a 4" sch. 40 cap on top and it works great for feeding bran. Just keep it about three inches off the ground.