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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by backstraps, Dec 18, 2010.

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    This is a short review I posted on another site. its always fun talking guns so I thought some duck hunters might be interested.

    Well, I went to buy a SBE2 or extrema 2 and ended up with a Vinci. After shouldering the Vinci I knew it was the gun I wanted. I like to have 3.5" capabilities but I was willing to give that up for a gun that felt better.

    So I have been into the birds pretty good lately and here is my take on the Vinci. Right off the bat it is the best shooting hunting gun I have ever shot. The gun is light, balanced, and points like a dream. It feels like it was custom made for me. There is definitely something to the design bc there is nearly zero muzzle jump. You can shoot and be back on target nearly instantly. I cant emphasize that enough! The recoil is also less than any other inertia gun I have shot. My buddy and I traded back and forth with his Extrema 2 and couldn't tell much of difference. We were shooting 3" Bc and hevI shot. Again I think the design makes it shoot softer than the M2 or SBE2.

    Luckily the safety didn't bother me at all BUT it will bother some. It is at the front of the trigger guard and a little further than usual. It fits my hand fine but if you have smaller fingers then this could be annoying. The actual trigger is great....very nice pull.
    The ability to easily break a gun down is nice but most new autos are fairly simple. The great part about the vinci is that by taking the forearm off you can get to every part of the gun that you need to clean except for the firing pin etc....if you have to break it down in the field, there are no pins, caps, screws our anything else to worry about. Twist the cap and you are done. Truly impressive.

    Overall I am much more impressed with the Vinci then I thought I was going to be. I'm not loyal to any brand but Benelli hit a homer with this one. If you don't care about 3.5" then the Vinci is unbeatable IMO.

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    Awesome, glad you like the gun. I went to get a Vinci and ended up with the m2. Just fit me better. Everyone talks about the inertias kick but I don't think it's that bad at all. I'm a buck 25 and it doesnt bother me