Revamping a Hunting Camp outside Tichnor, AR

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    I inherited my Brother's hunting camp south of Tichnor, AR. I have discovered that the septic system installed 25 years ago will mostly need to be replaced as it isnt to code(?) This is property in the county. Anyway, I need recommendations for a designated representative in that area to inspect the property and tell me what needs/ even can be done?
    Attached is the list Health Department down there sent me.
    Also any recommendations on this type of work would be appreciated. IMG_0130.jpg
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    Tmeredith handles septic issues.

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    Interested in selling it?
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    No Sir. It’s not for sale. My dying brother made me promise not to do that.
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  5. Call Bone Septic in Stuttgart and ask them. They may go down there. They redid our system outside Holly Grove about 8 years ago.
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    This^^^^. When I built my cabin 7 years ago way out in the sticks I need to install one. Could have done it myself but was able to hook up to the rural city water system so needed someone who was licensed to sign off on the install for me to get health certificate on install so got them to do mine. I have enough acreage where all I needed was a standard system. No fill lines or special stuff to meet standards. They gave me a price, could not do it much less myself, so they did it all for me, hooked up to cabin, ran line to tank, furnished and installed septic tank and drain line. Even cleaned out drain ditch for a good ways drain line dumped into. All was in the woods, not real easy digging. Total was about $2600 and it was total turn key job.
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