Remington Tactical shotgun

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    Pistol is sold. So I'm going to offer the shotgun by itself. $450 Here's a list of everything I did to the gun:
    Choate M4 butt stock - $90
    Mesa Tactical butt stock adapter- $55
    Hogue pistol grip-$15
    Hogue fore end- $25
    Choate +2 magazine ext.-$45
    PSI Ghost ring rear sight-$114
    PSI fiber optic front sight-$55
    Complete coyote tan permakote would cost $175 to have done here at the shop.
    Plus a Remington 870 Wingmaster to put it all on.
    Add it all up and you'll see I've got quit a bit more in it than I'm asking for it.
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    Are you interested in trades at all on the shotgun.? keith

  3. duckhunter2-2007

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    I might be. What you got?:thumb: