Remington 7400 Paint Job

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Encore, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Encore

    Encore Member<br>Sponsor

    My buddy and I just finished painting is Remington 7400. He also added a M4 style stock. We think it turned out pretty darn cool. What do ya'll think?

  2. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    Tactical deer hunter !! That's slick

  3. 10pointman

    10pointman Waterfowl forum Sheriff<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Co Staff Member

    Wow!!! That looks really good!:clap::clap:
  4. BTC

    BTC Well-Known Member

    That looks really nice.
  5. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member

    no thats a truck gun!!
  6. Wapiti

    Wapiti Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

    I like it. Good job
  7. Nuge Fan

    Nuge Fan Well-Known Member

    very very cool

    how come it's faded near the action?
  8. AfterLife

    AfterLife Sponsor<br>

    looks good

    did you paint it then wrap the chicken wire around it and paint again?
  9. Encore

    Encore Member<br>Sponsor

    Base coat was tan. After base coat we used a fishing net of sorts for the pattern.
  10. arkyjim

    arkyjim Well-Known Member

    Cool, what kind of paint did you use?
  11. tourgide

    tourgide Well-Known Member

    panty hose works good trashier the better lol