Remington 700 Mountain Rifle

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Rebel, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Rebel

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    I have previously listed this rifle for sale on here at $800 and I will stick with that and that is the bottom dollar. I will consider trades for other rifles in medium caliber that have a blued finish , preferrably short action. I dont have the time to travel because I am working seven days a week right now so if you want it you will have to come get it. The only reason I am listing it is because I prefer a blued rifle over stainless. It is a Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08 with Leupold bases and rings and a Nikon 3X9X40 Pro Staff Scope. It has had no more than 50 rounds shot through it.

  2. roydchristopher

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    rem 700 mtn rifle

    pm sent.
  3. Rebel

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    All P.M.s replied to.
  4. firecat

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    i have one like that gun and i love it- great gun and good price you have on it
  5. jsilver919

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    man thats a good looking rifle. wish it were a .308
  6. ryan4570

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    I have a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in 30-06 that I would trade. It is blue/wood. 501-859-4127
  7. Rebel

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    Well if you like a 308 you would love a 7mm-08!:thumb:
  8. Rebel

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    I am not a big fan of Winchesters unless they are pre '64.
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  10. menobuks

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    have a Browning BAR in 280 with a 3x9 redfield scope with redfield rings I might would trade if your are interrested. I'm in Camden. You can send me a PM if your interested.
  11. Rebel

    Rebel Well-Known Member

    I have a deal worked out with a member on here and we are going to try and meet up new years weekend.