Remington 700 ADL 30-06??? Any good??

Discussion in 'Guns, Ammunition, and Reloading' started by chad0285, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. chad0285

    chad0285 Active Member

    I know the remington 700 is a good gun, just unsure on the ADL model there is also BDL and CDL.
  2. jdawg

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    I had an ADL in 243. Great gun.

  3. Blyon

    Blyon Well-Known Member

    Rem 700 is the best gun made in my opinion.
  4. uncle a

    uncle a Well-Known Member

    I have the 06 adl its a fine gun just not as fancy as the others
  5. chad0285

    chad0285 Active Member

    Thanks fellas. Good info to know. I know the Remington 700 is a great gun, just trying to get a rundown on the different versions. I think that might be the one for me, I don't need fancy, just something that works and shoots great. I know the BDL and the CDL are higher in price.
  6. JB Weld

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    The CDL(most expensive) usually has a solid wood stock styles may vary(varmint, tactical ect), hinged floor plate, and the finish is usually a little nicer (often has jeweled bolt ect)

    The BDL (middle of the road) usually has straight-comb solid wood stock stock, hinged floor plate, nice finish but not as refined as the cdl.

    The ADL (cheapest and no longer in production, replaced by some of the SPS models) often has a synthetic stock although there have been some with laminate wood, finish is usually textured flat black for later models and has a fixed floor plate. the fixed floor plate allows for a narrower lighter stock however its much more difficult to unload, the hinged floor plate can be unlatched and will swing open unloading all the rounds at once. its pretty easy to convert an ADL to a hinged floor plate so that a BDL stock can be used (parts cost about $80 directly from remington)

    In terms of accuracy and reliability they are all pretty much equal.
    A Remington 700 out of the box will shoot better than most people can ever hope to.

    I had a Rem 700 CDL in 300 Win Mag. It was a great rifle.
    I wish I still had it, I let someone talk me out of it a couple years ago.
  7. Delbert

    Delbert Well-Known Member

    Actions are the same, except the finish work for looks. Back when I bought a BDL is had the comb stock and jeweled bolt. Never has is miss fired never and its accurate to one inch or less at 100 yards.
  8. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    The older ADLs had a walnut stock without the black forend tip and no magazine door on the bottom. You had to cycle the shells out of the rifle with the bolt to unload it.
    Other than that they should be as accurate and reliable as any of the other variations. Remington 700s are among the best.
  9. jublain

    jublain Well-Known Member

    I had a .25-06 ADL and loved it. My leg is getting tired from kickin myself for getting rid of it. :smack:
  10. 42769vette

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    It has the same action, but the stock leaves alot to be desired