Remington 22 Bullets from Wal-Mart.

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by moose96605050, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I bought a box of 550 count 22 hollow point bullets from wal-mart a few days ago and have been coonhunting with them. I have been having alot of the bullets not fire. I go threw as many as 5 at a time that will not fire and then I get 2 or 3 that will. Its not my gun, because I have pulled other bullets that I had put away and can pop them off everytime I pull the trigger. Anybody else having this happen as well. :head:
  2. alexanderg23

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    Out of the last 4 550 rd packs I've shot might of had 3 failure to fires. Maybe they have heavier primers and or your gun strikes light. Just send the bullets to me and I'll test them out and help you get to the bottom of this. :biggrin:

  3. I'm shooting a Lever Action. I think I got plenty of hammer force slapping the primers. Think I just bought a box of crappy bullets!
  4. Wes Ramsey

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    I predict a Remington rep will be contacting you shortly :lol:
  5. dirtdart

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    I've always purchased my 22's from Wal-Mart. Never had any issues. There's no telling how many Remington 22 Shorts I've burned through in my lifetime. For some reason I've always preferred the shorts for squirrels. Guess I like hearing the "thump".
  6. gdpolk

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    NW AR
    I usually have 15-20 failure to fires out of those.
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    Same here. Federal seems to be just the same.
  8. tkcampb1

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    I've had the same problem, but not w/ the rems. My Browning semi auto wont shoot the 500 count Winchesters, AT ALL! They'll fire in my 22 revolver, but not in my lil browning. It's shoots the Rems just fine.
  9. RAZ

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    I have terrible results with the REMINGTON 550'S. Federals perform much, much better. So do the Win 333's. I will not be guilty of buying any more Rem 550's from Walmarts.......RAZ
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    I bought several box's awhile back and have had the same problem. I had the problem with 3 different 10/22,one target pistol and wheel gun. Wont buy them anymore.
  11. Maximaman

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    Call rem. Arms they will make them good !
  12. jsilver919

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    its gotta be hit and miss. i have shot thousands before running into any problems. the last 2 boxes however have been nothing to brag about. i dont hunt with them i keep the CCI mini mags
  13. jwalker

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    I had the same problem found out it was my gun tho . The block that the hammer hits that hits fireing pin broke so I took the hammer out and welded a little on it to build it up works great now
  14. demented

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    Bulk packs in any brand I've used=Bang, plop, snap. Duds,lots with reduced powder charges, loose bullets, you name it. Anytime I use a 22 for anything more serious than putting holes in paper or tin cans I buy CCI.
  15. Wes Ramsey

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    I had some bad 'luck' with a box of Federal auto match from Walmart. I knew the ammo was bad, but thought the gun had something to do with it. I happened to hear from Mr. C a while back that Federal recalled a bunch of .22 ammo, and sure enough my box had been recalled. I emailed Federal, and 1/2 hour later I got an email saying to 'dispose of the ammo properly' and they had 2 new boxes already in the mail to me. A week later I sure enough got 1000 rounds of auto match that shoots better than anything else I tried in my Neos. Might contact Remington and see what they can do for you. One of our members is a QC guy for Rem, and I figured he'd have seen this post. I think 'ARquackmaster' or something like that...
  16. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I have had anywhere form great to poor results with most all brands of bulk pack 22LR. Seems like some lots have more rounds that just don't want to light for some reason. I've had the same results with Rem, Win and Federal.

    I mainly shoot Federal bulk packs now, not due to any less duds, but they have a more pointed bullet which feeds better in my M261 rimfire adapter that fits in the AR's. Most of the time I can put a bad one back in the rifle and it will fire the second time. I turn it to where the firing pin will hit a different place on the rim.

    I feel it is the nature of the beast on ammo that they are producing by the billions and selling for 3 cents each.
  17. Guitarzan

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    I have had the same problem with Rem .22 ammo. I have about 10 out of each box that will not fire. Same with Federal. I have never had a Winchester .22 shell not fire.

    To me Remington ammo is the "Generic" ammo of the ammo world. After I shoot up all the boxes of it I bought to "stock up" I wont be buying any more. Also Remington ammo is dirty! It will foul a gun quicker than anything.
  18. i have had the same results with the rems i have bought i actually gave what i had left away and purchased feds to plink with and cci to hunt with hope remingtog can work this out they use to be a goo .22 shell
  19. Arkie_3_fan

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    Other than Remington Target ammo, I've never had much luck with their .22 ammo. I've shot most everything from the bulk packs, yellow jackets, Thunderbolts, and buckets of bullets to the old 100 packs of Remington Golden bullets, and I've always had problems with them misfiring.
    The Federal bulk packs is about all I shoot now with the exception of a few CCI loads.