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Remington 22-250 VTR triangular barrell

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Here are some pics. for those whom have asked:


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Send me ur e-mails and I can send you a lot better pics.
Are you looking for a trade? If so, what are some of your trade interests? What is your value on the rifle?
I am looking for another rifle, preferably a .270 of equal value. Would be willing to take a 22mag. marlin with some cash to boot.

In shotguns I'm 870 rich, interested in remington 1187 camo or winchester X2's or 3's, no wood.
Is it a skeletal stock?

Pics please.
Man I really want a 22-250 and I have a marlin 22 mag bolt action but I love that gun. How much extra would we be talking?
Sorry I didn't specify very well, I'm looking for a lever action in 22mag.
Woo that makes it alot easier lol I love that gun! Good luck bud and merry Christmas.
I have a Ruger M77 in 270 w scope. Wood/Blued. Would trade, let me know if interested. Can text/email pics.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts