Remington 1100 Value

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by KBJ, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. KBJ

    KBJ Well-Known Member

    What do you guys think a good asking price for a Remington 1100 12 gauge that has been angle ported and has screw in choke tubes and forcing cone lengthened.
  2. Redcloud35

    Redcloud35 Well-Known Member

    $20, I'll pick it up tomorrow.:biggrin:

  3. reflex1

    reflex1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I'll up that bid to $27.50 :thumb:
  4. Bruin

    Bruin Well-Known Member

    $57.89, and I will come pick it up.
    Cant beat that offer! :biggrin:
  5. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

  6. fish

    fish Guest

    Don't listen to those yahoos. I bid 100.00 myself:biggrin:
  7. KBJ

    KBJ Well-Known Member

    Ha you guys are funny. Do yall take that act on the road!!!!:thumb: :thumb:
    If any of ya'll are intrested I'm posting pics tonight and you can check it out.
  8. Sylamore

    Sylamore Super Moderator Staff Member

    Condition? That has a lot to do with the value as well as modifications.

    Photographs would help. :thumb:
  9. Redcloud35

    Redcloud35 Well-Known Member

    All joking aside, if you post pics I might know someone interested.:thumb:

    BEERHUNTER Well-Known Member

    dumb question: what does angle porting and the cone modification do??i have a 1100 and never heard of it.
  11. KBJ

    KBJ Well-Known Member

    The angle porting takes out the barrel rise when shooting and check out the Trading Post I just put pictures of gun there.