Remington 1100 Shot Recommendations

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    I have a Remington 1100 12 gauge that was my grandpa's. The thing is so clean and damage free it looks like it just came out of the Remington plant. I've had the thing 10 years and never fired it. According to Remington it was manufactured in 1972. It has a modified barrel on it. I'm a rifle and bow guy. I have no clue when it comes to shotguns. I've heard that I shouldn't use steel shot in it because it could damage the barrel with it being an older model 1100. If this is true who makes alternatives to steel shot? Any recommendations?
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    I've got a '73 model 1100 that I have only shot lead through. A Remington rep told me years ago that the barrel was too thin to safely shoot steel in. That was probably at least 15 years ago or more.

    With today's technologies in non-toxic shot you might just call Remington and see if they have some suggestions on ammo.

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    I sent them an email this morning. I will probably call later this week if I don't hear from them.