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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by juleo, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    Anyone had any issue with it? A buddy gave me a handful to try last Thursday. I fired 5 or 6 rounds of 3.5" #BB out of my 2 year old Rem 11-87. Not only did it knock the heck out of me, but my gun stopped cycling.(He was shooting a Nova and getting rocked like Elvis) I took the gun apart and had a piece of metal fall out of the reciever/mag area. I have shot 3.5" winchester supremes and blindside out of it without an issue. If you have any experiences with Hypersonic, I would appreciate the input. And if anyone knows of a gunsmith in the Conway area, I would more so appreciate that info.
  2. archeryman.501

    archeryman.501 Well-Known Member

    They broke a piece out of my 870 super mag. Fellows up there in searcy at the bunker fixed mine

  3. factory909

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    I think I posted this last year. This is a pic from my buddies H&R Excel Auto. He was shooting these stix of dynamites and this happened.

  4. rabbitdundied

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    I had the same thing happen to my 1187 last season while shooting Black Cloud 3.5.
  5. Bryan Manning

    Bryan Manning Well-Known Member

    Buddy of mine I hunt with works at rem. Gave a couple out of his box and they liked to nock my dagum arm off! Have not shot any since but he was shooting some and every once and a while he would get one that seemed to be hotter. He stood up to shoot a cripple this year flat footed and shouldered good and I wish I had a camera he almost hit his butt!
  6. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    You can not shoot them in a Auto or it will break them! I've seen 4 SBII, Berretta Extreama, and a Browning Maxis tore up from these shells.
  7. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    Not worth it to choot em..
  8. cookiearcher

    cookiearcher Well-Known Member

    Juleo Malcolm ballistic tools gunsmith 136 eve ln conway ar phone number (479) 445-3989. Great guy really good gunsmith.
  9. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Right around the block from the house. I am waiting on a call back from Remington, they acted like they would take care of it themselves under warranty. If not, I'm headed his direction.