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Does this make any sense to anyone?

Should I just work up another 10-15 at 41.5 and see if I get the same results?
Makes perfect sense. You have learned one of the advantages of reloading - being able to tailor the load to YOUR rifle. If you were shooting factory loads, if 3" was the best it would do, you'd be stuck with that load. I'd load up another 5 to 10 and make sure the results are the same. If so, load up a good supply while your measure is set and everything is still set up. IMR4350 is agreat powder for the 100 grain .243 bullets.

You'll see the same thing with bullets at times. One bullet weight or one brand will shoot 4" groups, change to a different witght or brand and it's under an inch. I have found that my AR10 shoots 165 grain Ballistic Tips like a champ, the cheap 150 grain Rem Cor-Lokt bullets shoot about 3" at 100 yards. In other rifles, the 150 grain Rem's shoot just fine. That's my luck... :smack:
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