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    Really only wanting to sell as a whole package. I have a hornady lock&load press, powder dispenser, digital scale, digital calipers, hand primer seater, two shell trays, a box of 50gr vmax bullets, and a box of primers to go. I do NOT have any of the bushing for this press. Located in east end just south of little rock. Could carry to lr (south west area) for pick up.
    --$250 is what I'm asking. I have no need for this stuff and would like it moved. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355641749.139749.jpg
    Pm's will be returned. Phone #s can be swapped through pm.
  2. quackandmild

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    Come on folks need this stuff moved. Don't be afraid to make reasonable offer
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    you are 200 miles from me.....if you are accepting offers i will make one but don't wanna P you off
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    Give me a call. 501-951-2366. Jeremiah.
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    Stuff was traded today, thanks for looking. Mod please close
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