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Anyone have any recommendations for a new release? Single jaw vs. double jaw etc.
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I don't always use a wrist release, but when I do I prefer a Carter Quickie 1+.:wink:
Scott "Litlle Bitty Goose" It's small, accurate, and you wont be disappointed.
I have never experimented with many different releases. I was using the one archers advantage had for test firing on their range. I liked it. It was a truball stinger so that's what I got. I like it but there could be something better out there.
I am a firm believer in Scott! Agree with davglo35. I own a little goose and have shot several little bitty goose releases as well as the mongoose. Go with the little bitty goose. Should last you a life time.
Tru-Fire Hardcore. I bought one this fall and I love it!
I don't always use a wrist release, but when I do I prefer a Carter Quickie 1+.:wink:
Scotts are good releases. I've owned two. Once I tried a Carter there was no going back. Kinda like a good trigger job on a rifle. Carter quickie 1+ or rx-1.
Scott little bitty goose. If u want a good trigger job get one that is adjustable. I like a light trigger. If u touch it, its gone.
For hunting I have used a Jim Fletcher thumb release for years. It has rollers, so there is no clicking sound when tripped. For 3-D or field archery I use Carter or Stans.
Lil Bitty Goose with the nylon strap is what I've been using for several years.
I love my spott hogg wise guy. You cant go wrong with scott or tru ball either.
I have a scott lill bitty goose as a back up release. I used it for three years before I found one I liked a little better. I shoot with a scott sabertooth, leather wrist strap and nylon cord. I absolutely love the thing. I personally will only use the double jaw releases. To ME they just shoot better.
I say some type of Scott for hunting but I use a lite myself and a gosse as a backup
Scott for me also. Worth the little extra cash all the way.
I'm a first year bowhunter, and I tried every release under the sun before I bought one. I settled on truball, but I have a redhead backup that I bought out of cabela's that I really like also. It has a hair trigger on it that you can't adjust though so I haven't used it hunting yet because I didn't feel like I could it being my first year. I think it matters most on what you are comfortable with, and what you shoot best with. I was at an advantage and could try several of them without buying them.
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