Red wolves

Discussion in 'Sports' started by cobraron, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. cobraron

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    Who all is at the game
  2. cobraron

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    21 to 0 end of first quarter howl yes

  3. bayman1975

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    Red Wolves run away with it beating Middle Tennessee State 45 - 0 in front of a record crowd for the Sunbelt conference championship, and since MTSU is leaving the Sunbelt for CUSA, a goodbye spanking. The Red Wolves wait till tomorrow night to find out where they go for a bowl game. HOWL YES!!!! GO RED WOLVES!!!
  4. dspeakes

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    I was there just like every home game. Red Wolves were very impressive. They played like champions today.
  5. Triple Threat

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  6. green29

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    I was there and was glad little cuz got in for a few snaps to run the clock out. Talked to the governor before the game, but I didn't see him on the field afterwards. I was gonna encourage him to tear down the goalpoast:)
  7. JR

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    We were at the game, it was the first one that I have been to since I graduated back in 1997, and we had a heck of a great time.
  8. lc071

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    I can only get one station on my junk radio, so while I was working on the duck castle I got to take in the game. They pretty much stomped Tenn's guts out.
  9. webbtoes

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    Was there. They played a great game:thumb: