Recovering deer the next morning...

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by TurkeyAddict, Dec 5, 2012.

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    My father in law called this evening and said he shot a good buck and trailed it till the blood ran out. If he doesn't find it tonight he will be back at daylight to look again. My question is what temp does it need to get down to at night in order for you to feel comfortable with using the meat. I'd say under 40 ok but over that I'm not so sure. What are your thoughts. Thanks.
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    I would agree with under 40, should be ok. Just curious, how far did he trail it? Any idea where the shot hit? I wouldn't be looking unless I knew for sure it was hit good.

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    He normally hits where he's shooting. He found good blood and trailed it up to some water and lost it.
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    I think above 41 degrees is when bacteria starts growin on meat. I think...
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    Probably wont be too far then.

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    Zone 12
    Not sure what it is like in your area, but the Coyotes will find them at my lease in a couple hours time.
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    I think it should be fine tonight. Get after it early though.
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    It's plenty cold tonight no worries as long as its recovered early enough in the morning
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    Here's what happen to me, son shot a good buck, temp got down to 19 degrees that p.m. Found deer the next day at 11:00am and meat was no good. I couldn't figure out why it went bad. Intestines fermented due to the deer not being able to cool down quick enough. I guess it depends on the size of the buck....JMO
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    I always use the smell test. If it smells good its alright.

    It should be fine this evening though.
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    My son shot a doe during the youth hunt. Blood trail was not much, but I knew that she did not go far. We backed out and decided to hunt the next morn. and then go look for her in the daylight. That was a mistake the yotes had her cleaned too the bone. Only thing left was head, forelegs, and hide.
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    It will be OK if you find it early.
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    Not handing out any blame, because things like this do happen no matter what precautions you take. But this is an example of why taking the most ethical and clean shot is of at utmost importance. If you don't get a clean shot don't take it. I don't know how many times I've heard from my family and at the camp "well he was slipping away, and I had to do something. It was the only shot I had." You don't throw up 4th quarter Hail Mary's at deer. If the only shot you had is the deer walking straight away from you through a thicket, you didn't have a shot. What's the point in it if you're going to push the deer when you trail it and not recover it, or leave it to the coyotes cause you don't want to push it? Ok, off my soap box.

    Disclaimer: I'm not accusing the OP's FIL of an unethical shot, his story just inspired me to post about something I feel strongly about.
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    Always wonder about some of them deer shot on tv when it's in the70s and 80s and they leave them overnight. Hope there not just wasting meat can't eat horns.
  16. I think meat going bad is the last thing that tv hunters are worried about....
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    I have cleaned lots of deer the next morning. Never had a problem if 50 or so or less. Colder the better. A gut shot deer is spoiled if u pic it up before it hits the ground regardless of temp to me. I don't have much light at my skinning rack and on lots of occasion I have brought them home to clean the next morning. If I shoot a deer and its late and it makes the thick stuff before it fall I leave it till morning. I am far more efficient tracker in the daylight than after dark. Why go in and mess up a good blood trail in the dark when u can follow it so much easier in day time. I have never had a deer spoil. I also don't hunt when it's 80.
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    Ive shot deer before and watch it fall from my treestand. I have just left them laying and stayed up in my stand for as long as 3 hours after killing the deer. Waiting on another deer to maybe come in. Just doing that the meat wasnt that good to eat. When they are not gutted pretty quick it can make them taste a little strong. Especially if you bust a gut in there when you shoot it. Also the meat will turn darker than meat from a deer that is gutted out quickly. When a deer is not gutted they hold the body heat in for a long long time. When you kill an animal it is best to get its temp down as quick as possible. In and around the bones will sour especially in around the hind quarters. I bet you could leave a deer for 10 hours in 20 degrees and it would still be hot inside that deer. I wont leave one out there. I will get some good lights and some help and go find it. Usually if there is a good blood trail and then the blood runs out he is close. Also if you are ever blood trailing a deer and its going up over hills you might as well forget it.
    My dad shot a doe one time with his crossbow right before dark. He had a good blood trail but the batteries in his light were weak so he just decided he would come back early the next morning to get it. Well he came back and tracked it up and there was nothing left but a skeleton. The coyotes Cleaned that thing to the bone before morning.
    You can actually eat a rotten deer as long as you cook it good. It might not taste the best but you can eat it. Now me personally I woudnt eat it, but you can do it.
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    I ate a fried egg sandwich once that had been sitting on the dash for over a week. It didn't taste the best, but it didn't kill me either.:razz: