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Recommend a youth bow

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Anybody know of a youth bow that has a very lightweight DW that can be adjusted? My 5 year old got a Barnett bcx top shot bow for his birthday back in January. He really enjoys being outside with me while I shoot and he tries to shoot his with me but he still just can't pull the bow back. I believe the DW on it is around 15 to 20# I am needing to find one that goes down to about 7 to 10# and can be adjusted up as he grows. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated he'll be in the stand with me this year and I hope to instill the love for the sport in him at an early age. Even though he can't pull his back he still tries his hardest and I don't allow him to give up. I just don't want him to get frustrated because he can't pull his bow all the way back. Thanks guys!
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