Really Bill Really??

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by SARAH, Dec 21, 2010.

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    I always knew he was a wierdo, but you gotta know he still sneaks a big mac from time to time.
  4. I'll bet he'd inhale a Big Mac if you gave it to him..:skeptical:
  5. tmeredith

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    And then swear he didn't as the special sauce dribbles down his chin!:fit:
  6. I have never liked the man and never will.........this is typical of Slick Willy!!!!
  7. Same man......:head::fit:

  8. OBAMA WILL NOT BE OUT DONE!!!!!!!:fit:
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    He does what he does for political reasons. If it helps Butch, he's willing for a little while, means nothing.
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    He swore he didn't as it dribbled down M.L.s :biggrin:
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    Well, at least he didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize for what he "promised" to do :whistle:
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    Anybody picturing the Phil Hartman skit on SNL when he visited the McDonalds on his morning run? Funny.
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    loved that skit, phil was wearing the 1994 National championship sweatshirt
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    *Secret Service agent* "I'm not telling the first lady we stopped at mcdonalds"*Hartman as Clinton*"Trust me son,thers gonna be a lot of stuff we dont tell the first lady!"
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    That reminds me of something , Chia Obama!:clap:
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    I loved that story. He was trying to get some more good 'ol boy votes, so he claimed he had hunted ducks in Stuttgart for years.

    AGFC said he had never bought a license or a stamp in his lifetime.
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    Bill's a smart guy. He's going where the money is right now.