Rcbs powder measure?

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  1. varmit_master

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    I picked up a powder baffle and started using it. I don't think it doent enuf powder thru. It has a new hopper. It had a older dark green it was fine I thought I need a new one the old one the powder b was loose fitting it. The new one it drops in andy don't move. Anybody using one?
  2. 10pointman

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    I have one.what are you asking?i dont understand.

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  3. varmit_master

    varmit_master Well-Known Member

    My old tube the hopper holds powder the one that came with it. When I use it the powder paffle the powder falls all around and thru the 2 holes. It is a older one dark green in color. I got a new hopper and put on it it is lite green in color. The powder baffle just hardly will go down the new hopper and the powder just goes thru the 2 hole on baffle. It don't let powder fill all the way up under paffle just let's some thru. Do u think the old tube came out before baffle was made . My new powder has a new black cover that goes on the top. The old hoppers top snap on. Is the powder paffle made just to let the powder to fall thru the 2 side holes and not let fill all the way up under it. Just made to let some thru at a time. Sorry half asleep.
  4. allyellow

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    Can you take a pic of it mine is farely new and it doesnt have a baffle.
  5. tony r

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    yes the baffle is there to keep same amount of powder at bottom no matter if it is full to top or about out , so the same amount of pressure is on it at all times not more weight when it is full . tony