Raw crotch!!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by btech29, Jul 16, 2010.

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    I have actually been having to work out in this heat the last few days. Man its friggen hot. My question is, what can you do to eliminate raw crotch? Ive switched from briefs to boxers, and that helped alittle. When I get home I can barely walk. I gotta find some relief. Any doctors on here, or just some redneck rememdies?
  2. got you taken care of B! found this on the net for ya!!!

    This non-greasy Chamois Butt'r skin lubricant is the number one choice for riders challenged with chafing in sensitive areas-—great for extended riding.
    Lotion can be applied directly to the skin, or can be slathered on the pad of your shorts to prevent uncomfortable friction
    Restores the softness and suppleness of natural and synthetic chamois padding in your bike shorts
    Washes off your skin and washes out of clothing easily with soap and water

    some days you just need to lube the gooch!

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    Is that real, or a joke? I need something bad. Im starting to walk bow legged.
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    Hey b, let me know if you find a cure. I've been dealing with the same problem lately, and it ain't no picnic. It's got me pretty crankey. I just hope nobody pulls up next to me jammin' some rap crap or I may snap.:mad:

    Seriously though, I've heard the best cure is to get air to the effcted area. So I'm thinking about working in the nude for the rest of the summer!
  6. it's real. that buddy of mine that rode in the tour divide said he has had to use it, greatly reduces chaffing..


    maybe walgreens or somebody carries it... I have zero personal experience w/ it. when I know I am going to be outside working in the heat, I generally put the sliding shorts I use for softball on under my jeans. good lluck, have a good weekend. I'm out!
  7. coonnutz

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    Gotta hate it when you get a case of swamp butt:down:
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    Freeball it and you will not have this problem again .:up:
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    Tractor Supply......... Monkey Butt powder............
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    I think they make this stuff called beaudreaux's butt paste for stuff like that.
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  12. BDW

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    Diaper rash ointment works great. :up:
  13. M1Tommy

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    That's for kiddie issues.... but works well for that I know.

    I hear good things about Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder:


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    I always called it being galded.....

    I always used A & D ointment...It will dry it up almost over night....Depends on how bad it is.....
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    Quit playing around and go get this Monistat Soothing Care, Chafing Relief Powder Gel. Wally World has it.

    MY BNL turned me on this stuff. He works in a chemical processing plant and at times has to wear a haz-mat suit for hours.
    This stuff does the job. PERIOD.

    Doesn't take a whole lot but liberally applied it will last all day. In the evenings,
    take a tub bath with 1 cup of oatmeal that has been ran through a blender
    until it is powdery. Good warm bath, pour in the oatmeal and slosh it around while you sit in it to keep it mixed up.
    If you happen to have one of those
    hang over the tub massage machines use it to stir up the water.
    10 or 20 minutes is good. Rinse off and drain the tub and flush it afterwards.

    Any sort of healing creme will help overnight, in the morning put on the Monistat. If that don't work I'll pay for the Monistat.
  16. leserz

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    baby powder or corn starch works and it's cheap i use it.
  17. Gruntcall

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    lots and lots of baby powder.
  18. knighten

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    Gold bond medicated powder,i put it on every morning ,works good.They have us working 60 hours a week in this heat.I know how you feel,it aint no joke.
  19. jhw

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    Just rub them down good with alcohol when you come in. It will feel good when they quit burnning. :fit: :fit: :fit:
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    Dont wear cotton undies! Switched to the long boxer briefs, polyester/spandex blend, years ago. Been walking the straight and narrow since. They maybe pricey but the stay with you for a long time. Now for the cure after the fact. Go to wal mart get some pool salt ,for about 5 bucks, Throw it in the tub and Take a nice long soaking bath. About 2 cups at first, going to sting a lil bit:eek:, and it takes about a week or so. Repeat as necessary.

    Don t ask how I know. A cruise, a little irritation, a swim in the ocean, a lil burning sensation, End of the week no mo pain. Been doing this for the past few years and hven t been irritated over a couple days since.

    Next up is to buy a house with a pool and make it into salt water pool or a hot tub would work.

    If that don t help try baby powder.