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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by b8hickman, Jun 17, 2020.

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    I have been wanting to put a good bed liner in my old truck for awhile. Bought the raptor liner kit from O reilly for $140. Sanded down the bed and cleaned it. Open the box and it is supposed to have a spray gun and a roller. My kit was missing the spray gun. Shouldn't have taken it back but impatient me thought rolling would work. Nope, about 2hrs later I am back up town buying a spray gun for it. In the end I am very happy with it. We will see how it holds up in the future. 1st pic is after I sanded and cleaned the bed and the next is after I put two coats of the raptor liner on. IMG_20200616_100003067.jpg IMG_20200617_150556645.jpg

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    NE Ark
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    You did a dang good job!
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    That looks awesome and you have cinched it for me. I've been considering this for a number of things on my old truck build. I've seen guys put it inside their inner fenders and while it looks good at first I wonder how it would hold up in that application.
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    Very nice, might go this route instead of painting my bed. How did you go about sanding it?
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    I painted my Toyota T100 with Raptor. Sanded it down and painted the entire truck. It held up great. Didn’t fade and lasted for years. My son hit some ice and wrapped it around an oak tree. The Raptor on that side barely cracked. I took pictures to send to Raptor, but never did. Good stuff.
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    I just used a wire wheel on a grinder and went over it lightly. I did use some sand paper in the hard to reach areas. The spots that had bare metal showing I used raptor primer spray paint. This was so easy I am thinking about doing it to my other truck also. Just a little sweat and elbow grease.