Ran out of my hole

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by green_head_getter, Dec 18, 2010.

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    Me and the gf clearly beat a couple of guys to a hole. They were at the boat ramp when we pulled up and as they were paddling there flatbottom in they go turned around. We slid by in the canoe and continued. I was setting up the dog stand when they came in. They go are you plannin on huntin here. I said yea and I hear em go. Well that's too bad. You knew this is where we were headed. I knew they hunted the day before but didn't know where they were headed. They ended up telling me well looks like y'all can hunt with us or go on. 3 of them against me and my gf. I politely replied. No thanks I would rather find somewhere else rather than hunt with y'all. Is it not first come first serve. They also could have said while paddlin in hey man we are headed to the first hole. In the end we didn't kill crap and they killed em good. On our way out we paddled by an they had 3 ducks on the water and one cripple swimming off through the woods. There dog just sittin there on the stand. I had my dog get there cripple for em. Not to mention we counted well over 45 shots and there's a 15 shell limit. On our way out one guys wader shell loops were still full. You do the math. What can you do in that situation tho but go wow this is ridiculous and move on. So for you public land hunters, it doesn't hurt to talk to other hunters! Tell em where your headed, and show some respect and courtesy.
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    Yea I agree with ya, not much you can do but move on and keep the peace, If I run into someone at the ramp I'll usually check and see what their plans are and just hope its not mine!..But the places I hunt, Ive got alternative spots I can go to if this happens. Better Luck next time man! :up:

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    Thugs and public land....Why I no longer hunt it.
  4. swamp duck

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    sounds like you shoulda just hunted with them. woulda killed more birds
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    I am reading these things and it sounds like duck hunting brings the worst out of some folks.

    either that or the worst of folks come out during duck season.
  6. green_head_getter

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    I would rather hunt a week straight and not kill crap then hunt with a bunch of jerks. This crappy hunt tho led me to a place that is absolutely COVERED! Wouldn't have found these birds if I hadn't been ran off. Gonna Smash em in the next few days.
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    next time hunt the hole and call the game warden and let him come out :cool:
  8. zpenter

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    good for you god works in crazy ways :clap:
  9. burkeju76

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    i am pretty sure somebody would have had to whoop my :censored: to get me to leave that hole....and after that happened, if i woke up from the beatdown, i can assure you nobody would have killed a duck in that hole today. i'd be 100 yards over in hunter orange singing the :censored: star spangled banner.
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    im pretty sure that no beatdown will ever go on involving me or my crew..most of the time when i go duck hunting i have my benelli with me :whistle:. sorry but public land is first come, fist serve thats the way it works these days. whether its just one guy in a hole or 10, whoever gets there first hunts the hole, plain and simple!
  12. JohnnieWalker

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    I'd let 'em come in there with me and as soon as the first group flew over I would of started blasting the hell outta their decoys. Sunk everyone of 'em. Then when they got pissed off enough to leave, I'd said "see ya'll tomorrow, same time same place." Ya'll come back now, ya hear!:clap:
  13. green_head_getter

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    Haha all great ideas. The gf was pretty pissed and was wanting to tell them first come first serve. I told her it's best to not say anything cus there all bigger than me. O well, after I shoot em out of the next spot I'll be back. With friends
  14. dirtdart

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    Had that happen once.....Just reached into my shooting vest and put my Blaze Orange on and said....well you guys are welcomed to hunt right beside me. Put the Orange vest and hat on and started high-ball'n. They left in a hurry.
  15. MojoMan

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  16. dude, it dont matter how many of them there are. if you get there first, don't leave. you don't have to be a hard:censored: but if you punk out the clowns will think that they can always get away with it. i would imagine that most hunters are smart enough to know that actually getting into a fight over a hole could end up real ugly, seeing as how everyone is carrying...just a lot of barking from what i have seen
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    Had the same thing happen turkey huntin at ouachita a few years ago... I assured the guy that he wouldn't kill anything if he went in there where I was hunting and he did it anyways... I waited till they started gobbling, fired three rounds off in the air and left... Sure shuts up em up good... Went across the lake and killed a gobbler...

    I don't understand why people can't be respectful.. I'm 23 years old and this man was in his 50's I assume... He told me he had hunted there for 20 years and wasn't hunting elsewhere... We all want others to be respectful when it comes to things like that but some people are so hardheaded they're down right rude.
  18. green_head_getter

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    Racks-n-quacks if my gf wasn't with me I woulda stayed. Didn't want her around a bunch of foul mouthed punks
  19. usertw24

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    we had that happen on bald knob.. they ran in 15 min early and we were parked there before them.. they could have ask and we all could have hunted together so in stead it was like the cold war who was going to back down first:mad:
  20. green_head_getter

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    Yea they told me, that's why we got to the ramp at 3 so we could hunt this spot. I said, how did I beat you by 5 minutes then? They got turned around. The problem I think was that they weren't familiar with the area and didn't know of anywhere else to go. Always have a backup plan. I can always find somewhere to hunt. As long as I can enjoy my morning I am content. I don't have to kill ducks