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Rain Gear and Insulated Bibs & Parka *

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I have a Walls rain coat and 10x Gortex rain pants I am selling, both are Advantage camo. The jacket is an XL and the pants are a large. I am asking $50 for the set.

I also have a very nice set of insulated bibs and matching parka from Cabelas. Both are size large talls. These are designed to bowhunt out of and are very quiet. The sleeves are tapered as well to help keep your bowstring from hitting. There are plenty of pockets as well. This is a great set, I haven't worn it much at all though after buying a bunch of Natural Gear. I am asking $115 for the set.

I am in Conway. You can reach me at 501-472-8379 or [email protected]. I will be happy to ship if you don't want to pick them up. I also can do paypal for the funds if you would like.

Thanks for looking
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Rain gear - $40.

Bibs & Parka - $100.

They need a home that will use them!
Rain gear sold.

Bibs and parka still need to go.
Bibs and parka reduced $90 tyd

Text or email if interested.

[email protected]

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