Rabiit Dog Runners in Holland Bottoms WMA

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by neotoxo, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. neotoxo

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    Anyone on here presently running rabbit or coon dogs out on Holland Bottoms WMA?

    If so, how about dropping me a PM and lets talk...trapping season is in full swing and I'd like to thin out the coons and yotes in the WMA but not interested
    in catching anyone's hunting dogs...

    If you know someone who is point them in this direction too.

  2. neotoxo

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  3. odocoi

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    Send FB a pm and let him know. I know he's hunted there in the past and mentioned it awhile back but there was a permit hunt or something going on.
  4. thelineman

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    neo, I like the way you think. THANKS.
  5. neotoxo

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    Thanks, I'm just trying to avoid conflict...

    Most dogs won't fight a snare, especially if there is no entanglement close by
    for them to get into...they mostly will just sit or lay down and wait for someone
    to let them out BUT there are those few who've never had a lease on the they
    can hurt themselves pretty quick...

    I can set Coyote snares and miss most beagles as they will pass under them...
    coon snares are unfortunately the right height and size and often times in the
    same spots where rabbits run...

    That said, with a little coordination I can close up a snare line in the same time
    it takes to check it...then reopen it the next morning or evening...
  6. F B

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    I run out there from time to time since I live so close but I know a couple of other guys that run out there several times per week.

    Most of the time theyre on the buffer zone though and I dont think you can trap there anyway.
  7. neotoxo

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    No Trapping inside the buffer zone is correct but everything south is open and I've
    seen and heard dogs as far back as Jack's Bayou and at times cross over into
    the Waterfowl Rest Area and also in the fields out around the camp grounds...