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rabbit hunting pictures

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The top picture is DJ (odocoi).

This is me and my son Walt.

Gary, a guy I work with

Notice the black and tan pup in alot of these pictures. She's only 10 months old but she's well on her way to making a rabbit dog. If you shoot one youd better get to it before she does.
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My son Walt (and Gracie)

Walt and Jason (and Gracie again even though you cant see her)


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DJ and Donnie and some of my dogs

Jason and Gracie

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Great pics. Y'all are cutie pies.
Thanks. You just got a raise. :wink: :biggrin:

Me and Hoppy the Wonder Dog.

She'd go anywhere if she thought she could find a rabbit. Ive seen her go completely underground (several times) looking in holes trying to find one.

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Cool pics Freddie.....even if ya'll are long armin' in some of them! :thumb: Just kiddin'! :thumb:

That dog can jump! My Marsh Man has been wanting some rabbit dumplings. His son and nephew are going hunting this week one day. Maybe we'll get some rabbits.
great pics sure love those rabbits just not as easy to find as they use to be around these parts
Great pictures thanks for sharing em! Looks like ya'll had a good hunt:biggrin:
Nice Pics, looks like some good times. :thumb:
Thanks Freddie for some great hunts! Those are some really awesome dogs to hunt with. Hoppy beats all I've seen when it comes to looking everywhere for a rabbit(our last hunt she actually disapeared in a hole and came out the other end!) and I can't imagine what Gracie will be like in the years to come.
Here are a few more:

This is Troy (Buck) and Lee (firehog) after the latest hunt. (Thats not a stupid look on Troy's face. He looks that way all the time so please dont make fun of him. He's a very close and dear friend of mine and I wouldnt take too kindly to it. :razz: )

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Thanks for the photo shop FB,I dont usually look that intelligent in real life.:thumb: I think I was needing to spit or something.
Nice bunnies. Some of the best eatin around bunny and gravy IMO. We ran out or rabbits a few years ago due to the hawks.
Buck-If you remember I took two pictures of yall. In the other one you looked normal so of course I had to use this one instead. :razz:

shawnee creek-We dont have the rabbits here that we used to either but I didnt know Kansas was having the same problem.

Ive always heard that Kansas was the place to go if you wanted to shoot a bunch of rabbits.
I was wondering if I got photoshopped as well, I look a little puffy in the cheaks. :smack: :biggrin:
Photoshop my you know what. :fit:

I always seem to look like Im mad about something.
I look forward to going on a few hunts next season.
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