Rabbit Dogs and Field Trials

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by bigbear26, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. bigbear26

    bigbear26 Well-Known Member

    Do any of ya'll know of any field trials coming up pretty soon in the northern half of arkansas.Also anyone have any redtick or bluetick beagles for sale??
  2. Beagler80

    Beagler80 Well-Known Member

    Akc Midwest trial coming up I think the third weekend in december. It's in Walnut Ridge

  3. Beagle Man

    Beagle Man Well-Known Member

    Dot know of any myself but I'm also looking for Bluetick Beagles. Might try Tim Wilkins in Imboden he had some
  4. F B

    F B Administrator

    North East Arkansas Beagle Club has an ARHA PP trial coming up next month.

    Its in Dixie.
  5. jakemoore

    jakemoore New Member

    I believe the Hunt in walnut ridge is the 21st and 22nd. The Dixie hunt is on the 20 of Dec. There is also a UKC hunt in Myrtle Mo. 30 mile or so north of Pocahontas.. Those are the colsest ones I know of...The UKC winter classic is this weekend at Owensville Mo. There will also be a World Qualifying Event on the 27th at owensville Mo.

    We need to get a UKC club started here in NE Arkansas. The Dixie club is done after the hunt on the 20th...I have all the paperwork for a new club just haven't had alot of intrest....

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  6. F B

    F B Administrator

    We might be moving the Dixie club to central Arkansas if there is enough interest and we can find some running grounds.

    With some of the dogs that are running in PP, Im already starting to feel like Im running in UKC or LP. :smack:
  7. tmccall2

    tmccall2 Well-Known Member

    I've never been a part of a field trial but I'm interested in learning. I'd also be interested in a club if it was close enough for me to be involved in it.