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Quick Fuel Race Carburetor 750 CFM

Dedicated and designed for the hardcore drag racer, this carburetor is easy to adjust and will provide unmatched performance. Made from premium aluminum throughout with billet metering blocks and throttle body it's lightweight and durable. Each carburetor is hand-assembled in the USA and individually engine tested - it's ready to race out of the box.

4-corner idle
Screw-In airbleeds that have been recessed and moved out of the air way for less restriction
Race style aluminum main body with upgraded downleg race boosters
5-Emulsion billet metering blocks with screw-in bleeds for every circuit fully adjustable
Lightweight aluminum fuel bowls with internal baffles, raised roof, re-designed fuel entry orifice and built-in sight windows
Quick-change jet plugs - allow for jet changes without removal of the fuel bowl (required screw driver is included)

Billet throttle body with Teflon® coated and sealed shafts that have been slabbed for added air flow, stainless steel throttle plates, and secondary adjustable cam bracket.

Each throttle body is machined for both 4150 or 4500 style manifolds.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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